Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Whole 30 end thoughts and 'results'

I came into the Whole 30 wanting to clean up our diet, feel less anxiety about what went into my mouth, and honestly I also wanted to lose some weight. I had gone from 153 ish in October to 161 after the holidays. It was a combination of inability to work out while trying to close my abs, finding out I shouldn't run, and also the lack of strict clean eating. My clothes were too tight and I felt crappy about myself. Whole 30 isn't about losing weight though, so the number on the scale should not have even been an interest in my heart, but it was. I'm just being honest. It's hard to forget about those goals.

I have done well at reminding myself that even thought I didn't lose more weight, I feel so SO SO much better mentally. I have to be happy and proud of that. I think it was a successful month for sure because we were never starving and never lacking for yummy food. We rid ourselves of a chocolate addiction and my husband didn't have a drink the whole time. So I mean, that's awesome since he even had a 3.5 day business trip in there (and his birthday)! Plus we both decided we can maintain a mostly paleo lifestyle moving forward.

It's been a week and a half since our 30 days were over; and we've each 'splurged' a bit on some things, but generally haven't had much grains or dairy. We've had a mild amount of sugar and the husband had two too many drinks last Friday night. I mean, considering he didn't have a drop for 37 days, then had like 4.... let's leave it with him not feeling great most of the next day. Love you honey :-)

We've both actually continued to lose a bit of weight since we've been eating well and working out still, so that's really nice to see. And the actual 30 day total was about 8 pounds for me and 12ish for the husband, but now we are both about 2 pounds more than that! I lost 2% body fat (more by now I bet) and I know my husband lost more than that. We have to be mindful with Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, G's birthday, 2 baby showers I am throwing, and St Patricks Day then Easter coming up. I half have it in my mind to do a whole 40 during Lent to keep some strictness to the sugar levels, but that's not what Lent is about, so I think we will just be mindful of it.

Today was MOPS and I had 2 chocolate cake donut holes. They were very yummy. And half of a homemade cinnamon roll. Also yummy. I feel a little guilty about it because we were trying to be paleo through the week and 'cheat' on the weekends only if we wanted to....but meh, really not that bad.

My final thoughts on the Whole 30 program is that it is wonderful. It's practical and logical. I guess some might call it crazy, but those would be the people who have not read up on the science behind food and our guts and minds. I can't recommend it enough. But I would say to see better results, try a whole45, but if that seems daunting, definitely do the whole 30 to get rid of the crap in your diet and the mental addition to food. And don't go back to eating the same crap afterwards, because then the whole 30 is merely an exercise in temperance (which I guess is still good) rather than a lifestyle adoption. Food is fuel. Give your body quality performance based options! :-)