Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello again

Well our summer has been so fun lately, and super busy!

I took on a third part time job (marketing outreach for organic baby food, tutor, and now meat sampler at whole foods). It's easy, fun, and amazing money. So, win-win-stress. I hate being one foot in and one foot out sometimes. Being a stay at home mom that works so many part time jobs, kind of pulls me in 100 directions and things get set to the side AND I go crazy. I think I'd die if nothing got set to the side. Thank God I gave up facebook months ago. Sorry.

The kids are amazing. Most people who know them can't get over how cute they are.
I'm over here like, please come back when their heads are spinning and one throws up in the bath from hysterics. And another throws a fit because a pretend screw isn't going into the hole on the pretend tool bench. I mean. Come on.

But then one asks me how God makes a soul, and the other face plants a huge kissero on your open mouth...and you just melt. These children of ours are amazing blessings. Literally, our life is wonderful, and without them, I think it'd be mediocre.

The hubby is moving and groving at work and I am so proud of him. I could brag on him for ages, but he does still leave clothes lying around sometimes, so I guess he isn't perfect. He's close though. I mean really close. And the more spiritual growth we do together, the more I feel he's going to obtain perfection someday and I'm just a mess of hormones and failures.

But then I remember I'm awesome too and so we all win!

But really, our summer has been full of
learning time (currently working on telling time, it's a slow process at this age, and that's fine; also working on counting to 100, which she's getting great at; plus handwriting; as well as ABCs for the little one)
playdates (parks, pools, homes galore)
family visits (so many visits this year it's been awesome!)
homeschool conference (eeek!!!!)
work and work and work
Hubs and I saw JOSH TURNER in concert
We went to the zoo twice
We went to the farmstead
We celebrated mothers and Father's Day
We met our new nephew/cousin
outside living
future dreaming and planning
church going
food prepping, cooking, eating - utilizing our CSA veggies <3
and our AC is currently out. so there's that!!

love to you all