Friday, May 20, 2011

You're awesome

Dear G,

I want to let you know how awesome you are! I am so proud of you because you took a great nap today--not at home!! We went to visit our friends, Rachel and Justina! You took a nap in her pack & play. You put yourself to sleep and napped for 1.5 hours! I have hope that this means our trip next week won't upset your new sleep gloriousness. You have not been very fussy at all lately; I am so glad that you have returned to your happy and not fussy baby self! I'm sorry your momma's ignorance led you down a fussy overtired mess for a while. You've been going strong for the past week.
Additionally, you have been talking really well lately. Your babbles have lots of different sounds and go on for a long time. You especially like singing along with me or your daddy. I've been singing "Seek Ye First" to you a lot and you really like that. Two days ago you said "dah-dah" but, of course, it was just sounds strung together and not a word :)
You've also crawled yourself sideways, which is pretty cute. You have maybe moved a little forward, but not crawling really...more wiggling.

Now that I have been tracking your sleep patterns, I've also kept track of when you eat. So now when the doctor asks how many meals you have a day, I can actually answer instead of guessing like usual! You eat 6 meals a day. You aren't on a schedule or anything, but that's just what you've put yourself on. You usually take 3-4 naps a day and they are usually 50-80 minutes long. I think you're so awesome for being able to put yourself to sleep and I hope it continues!
I am so proud of the mom I have become and the daughter you are!! Love you litle bear :-)

Monday, May 16, 2011

We're the experts here

Dear G,
playing, May 13, 2011
We had a pretty great weekend, especially as far as sleeping is concerned. Your dad still thinks it's weird that you are sleeping so much now, but that's because you previously stayed up for 3,4,5 hours at a time! That's not at all good for a little baby, I've since learned. So you are both adjusting to that. He still gets to play with you but he doesn't have as much time with you due to work and you sleeping...but he is maximizing his playtime :) You and I get lots of snuggle time and play probably as much as we used to because I'm able to get chores done while you sleep. I think you're in better moods now that you are sleeping well.
You had a rough time getting to sleep on Friday, but slept well Saturday morning. You took decent naps on Saturday and only got a little fussy that evening. Sunday went even better, you took your naps without any complaint (not even the last one, which has heretofore resulted in a small war), and it lasted 3 hours! I think you are finally breaking the cycle of overtiredness that had occurred due to our ignorance of babies' sleep needs. This is wonderful. Last night you slept from 8:10 pm to 6 am, pretty much uninterrupted. You woke briefly a few times, made some noises and returned to sleep. You also went back to sleep until close to 8. I'm really proud of you, but I know this is probably a fluke and expect that tonight will feature the return of our middle of the night wakings.
So, the sleep 'training' I had been doing has kind of given way into more of 'sleep regulating' system I've developed on my own. Your dad and I are the experts when it comes to you, no one ST book or expert can tell us exactly what you need or should be doing. So we've decided the following things:
  • You are more of an 8-ish pm bedtime baby, and we start getting you ready around 730. Thus, your 'up for the day' time is around 8-ish am.
  • You do best when you eat before sleeping, so the wake/eat/play/sleep routine isn't for you. You are more of a wake/play/eat/sleep gal.
  • You usually get put into your crib drowsy, not completely asleep, and you are doing GREAT at falling asleep on your own.
  • If you have any trouble getting to sleep, we use "shushing" (white noise principle), placing a hand on you, tucking your blanket around your waist tightly, or if you're hysterical we will pick you up to soothe you and put you back down.
  • We will not be attempting a feeding schedule. It messes with supply/demand of breast milk, and it is better for you to eat when hungry only!
  • You've started occasionally sucking/gnawing on your hand. I'm a bit concerned it's a bad habit, but at your age we will allow it. You're a smart girl and you will out grow that.
  • You totally sleep better at night when you take better naps. I hope it helps you grow strong and get even smarter.

Besides sleep, this weekend we read a different book than normal (peter rabbit), you sat up some with our help, we went to an earlier mass than usual (you got a little grumpy toward the end), we went grocery shopping as a family, and we had dinner at Rigo&Kacie's on Sunday night (fish tacos! Yum yum). You and Theo are super cute together, and Siena likes looking at you both and seeing her interact with her brother or you makes me pretty exited for the time when you are a big sister (not for a while though!!).
G sitting up with dad, May 14, 2011
Hope we have a good week, it's your last one before month 4 starts! :-)

Friday, May 13, 2011


Dear mothers everywhere,
Here is something I am mad about. All throughout my pregnancy I read up on a variety of topics I was under the impression I needed to know about: pregnancy symptoms/care/exercise, labor signs, birth process, unmedicated births, breastfeeding, vaccines, developmental milestones... I thought I was going into mommahood pretty well prepared. Right?
Wrong. With a capital w. Why? Because none-NONE- of you told me I should read up on baby sleeping habits, training, cues. I had always heard that babies do 4 things: eat, sleep, poop, cry. So, I was under the impression that my little bear would sleep whenever he or she was tired, and it never crossed my mind to learn how to help G sleep. I took it in stride that my sleep would suffer and that was that.
Well. Enter last week. An atrocity of a week. I'm looking back and thinking, maybe she wasn't teething? I mean, yeah she's drooling a lot and I can see where the teeth will be...but maybe she just had a cold or virus and was OVERTIRED.
About 2 months ago, a friend mentioned how she swaddled her daughter for naps and rocked her to sleep so that she would nap. I thought that was interesting, because G just slept whenever/wherever... Um, I guess I forgot that my daughter was 3.3 months younger than hers. So when G hit a point where naps were hard and she wasn't sleep well period because she'd wake herself up, I thought...hm, maybe we'll try that swaddle. This was over a month ago and she's been sleeping a lot better-at night. The day time has been a crap shoot for a while. I had no set nap times, no clue when she would sleep; we are feeding on demand & I thought she would just sleep after a feeding (wrong). I also was ignorant to bed time. That same friend (shout out Caroline) said something to me to the effect of, "so when's her bed time?"
What!? Bed time? I didn't think babies had bed times. (see above, I just thought she'd go to bed whenever)
So that little seed planted in my head and it kind of festered for a while...a few weeks later I told Justin that G's bed time would be 9:30. So I worked on making that happen. We'd go about our evening and then around 8 something I'd try to feed her so that she'd be ready for bed and asleep by 930 at the latest. Worked pretty well, except that it affected her days. She developed a bad habit of not really napping, and when she did it was one 2 hour nap or two shorter ones. Then she'd have a witching "hour(s)" between 5-9.  And then there's last week.
Eventually I googled something about babies and sleep and found out about 'sleep training.' Now, I've heard about "Ferberizing" and knew about crying it out, but there are a lot of other ideas out there. When the time comes for drastic measures, I may revisit the crying it out idea...but she's too young for that now, so I'm attempting a method from this book, "The Baby Whisperer." Basically, from what I've gathered, it's teaching G to go to sleep on her own, with a bit of help from me. I do "pick up and put down" to soothe her, since she's technically not able to do it herself yet. I go in her room and pick her up, pat her back/calm her and then put her back down. Then she should magically be asleep. Right. Better in theory than practice so far. I started on Tuesday (11 weeks)...and I'm hoping not to give up, but it's hard.
Regardless, I thought I'd put it out there for all moms to know: babies older than a month do NOT just sleep, unless you're lucky like my friend Kacie.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Momma's day

Dear G
momma's day 5/8/11
Momma's day was on Sunday, and it meant a lot to me this year. Some people think it's just a made up holiday to make greeting card companies money, and maybe it is. Your dad spent almost as much on my cards (don't worry, he had yours covered this year, but next year I expect a handmade one) as he did on my present. But I don't think it's 'just another day.' I never have.
When I was younger, I went in to a jewelry store to find your Grammy's momma's day gift. I had been saving up a lot of money. I looked around but everything I wanted to buy her cost more than I had. The saleslady asked if she could help, so I told her my story. I was there shopping for my mom. 
"oh, is it her birthday?" 
"no, it's for mothers day." 
"but mothers day isn't for another 2 months!" 
I am a planner, something I hope you will pick up. For big events, I plan months in advance. I like to know what's coming, where we're going, who will be there, how much it'll cost, what I'm giving, etc... It saves me the anxiety and stress as the event draws near. It bugs me when I have to rely on other people to finish their plans in order to finish mine. Take a hint from your mom, planning=less stress.
So, the saleslady helped me find a great momma's day gift for your Grammy. I can't say it was the perfect gift, because I wanted to buy her jewelry, but it was the best I could do on my budget. I think Grammy could appreciate that because, after all, she is quite frugal. So the gift cost a little over $70. I didn't have that. Yet. She let me do a payment plan. I paid half then and I would continue to make payments until I had paid the whole amount. It took me the 2 months prior to momma's day to pay it off. I got rides to the store from other people or snuck in while your Grammy was in wal-Mart. When I had finished paying for her gift, they wrapped it up and I took it home. I was so unbelievably pleased with myself. When momma's day came, I presented your Grammy with her gift and waited excitedly as she opened it. It was a fancy jewelry box (more of an oval) that matched her maroon room.  It was classic and pretty. She loved it! Not for what it was, but because it was from me. I didn't need to spend money on her, she would love any thing I gave her. But I wanted to spend money on her because it made me feel good to give up buying something for myself to get her something nice. 
momma, Grammy & you!
My momma means so much to me. I hope to mean that much to you. She deserves anything money can buy, and everything it can't. I know this to be more true now than ever because I am a momma myself. Your momma to be exact.
Your Grammy is a very special woman. She's my best friend (besides your poppa, but that's another story). She and I have been through a lot. It actually makes me pretty nervous to watch you grow up.
you, brand new
Your birth day was one of the most exciting days of my life, but also one filled with fear. Your poppa said "it's a girl!" and for the most part dreams of baking together, chatting about boys, going for walks, snuggling up on the couch with popcorn and a good chick flick, and shopping for your wedding dress filled my mind...but in a very small corner I dreaded all the negative things I'd have to endure with you. Mothering a girl is so hard; I know from experiencing it as a daughter.
I don't know how your Grammy put up with me. I don't know how she dealt with all the strife I caused her. And I certainly have no idea how she handled all the pain I've gone through and laid upon her. Most recently? I've cried to her about making the right choices and doing my best with you. I don't want to do anything wrong, you're so amazing and I just want your life to be perfect. But that's not possible, so I'll just do my best. Thankfully, your Grammy has been through it all and tells me it's okay to mess up. I am so lucky to have you both in my life. I'm in the best position, still a daughter but also a momma. I can remember being in your position well enough to know what worked and what didn't. And when I need an experienced shoulder to lean on, when your poppa just isn't getting it, I've got my own momma.
Grammy has argued with me when I was an inquisitive and defiant child, I guess this could be considered a negative thing by many, but it taught me to think for myself and stand up for what I thought. I am not a push over, and I have her to thank for that. She has shared me with a large extended family, when she probably just wanted me all to herself. My personality is full of all those who had a hand in raising me. She taught me to listen, even when I tried not to. She forced me into physical activity, thank the Lord. She encouraged me to get involved, do something, meet people, follow my dreams. She let me make mistakes, and was always-ALWAYS- there to pick up the pieces. She never once said, 'sorry kid, you made your bed, lie I it.' She may have wanted to, but that's not what momma's do. She nursed me back to health, she held me when I wanted to run, she punished me when I needed it (and sometimes when I didn't!), she dealt with my poor boy choices, she rejoiced with my good ones, she let me approach 'the line' and cross it occasionally. One thing that neither your Grammy or I will ever forget is when she lay on my bed with me and we both sobbed as I lost my senior year of soccer due to a very unfair situation involving poor guidance counseling. She knew how much soccer meant to me, she liked watching me play, and her heart ached as my dream of collegiate soccer fell through the cracks. Life isn't fair, G, but momma's are here to make their babies feel better. Grammy was my biggest cheerleader. She nurtured me into a wonderful young woman, and even when I turned my back on all she had taught me, she still loved me. Her love kept me knowing what the right thing to do was. So when I had gone too far, it was her mothering that had taught me what to do to get back on track. She didn't even have to do anything then, she had already laid the foundation.
It's hard to choose one, but the best thing Grammy ever did for me-and for you-was letting me go. By that I mean marrying your poppa. I was young. Younger than she would have liked, but she knew it would turn out right. She had faith in me and in God. She likes your poppa a lot. She knows he's perfect for me, and she is SO glad he's a good poppa for you. Your Grammy and I are very close, but she knows that I am part of my own little family now. She's let part of me go, but we both know I'll always be her baby. Now that I am a mother, I've gained a whole new perspective of her. I appreciate her even more and know someday a similar transition will occur for you and I. I'm so excited to watch you grow up, but I have no idea how I will handle letting you go. Being a momma is hard. You are a piece of me, that isn't inside me, and I can't read your mind. Right now is tough because you aren't feeling well. It pains me and stresses me out to see you hurting. I hope you feel better soon.

1 day old

This momma's day is so special to me because it was a day that allowed me to reflect on my mom, but also on being your mom! You were born 11 weeks ago today. What an intense morning that was. Laboring and birthing you were definitely the hardest thing I've ever done, but I'm very proud of your poppa and I for starting your life off on the best foot; unmedicated. We hope to continue making healthy choices for you and teaching you to make them yourself. You are a very precious gift from God, and I don't want to mess it up! Cut me some slack, though, because I'm just a daughter myself.
momma, great-grandpa, Grammy, you...great-grandma passed away when I was your age

 ps. the day I offically became a mother was July 1, 2010; when three little tests showed up positive.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

peach cobbler

Dear momma (my own mother),

Thanks for sharing your cobbler recipe with me! It's delicious.
I've made it several times, this time I took it to Justin's cousin's house.
The key is Campbell, Missouri peaches! :-)
If any one wants the recipe, comment and maybe I'd share it.

Here it is!

The Momma's Momma's cobbler recipe

1 c flour
1c sugar
1 tsp baking powder
.5 tsp salt
1 c milk
Mix all of the above with fork, then stir in:
.5 c melted butter

Grease a pan (9 x 13 glass is best, or smaller size will make a thicker cobbler)
Put in 1 qt fruit (fresh is best, or frozen, canned isn't preferred)
Pour batter over fruit and bake at 350 degrees for about an hour


Dear G,

Last night you slept from 930 pm to almost 6 am. I'm so proud of you! I put you down awake because it was your bed time and you had eaten from both sides!! (that's a new thing, that happened probably because you were planning to sleep a long time). We have been swaddling you, but I tried not to last night-but ended up doing so to help you fall asleep. You went to bed, then we finished watching Justified (very good show!) and then I took a shower and your dad watched the news. We got to sleep around 1045. I woke up around 4, because you usually would have eaten by then, or right around then... Your dad checked on you...still asleep! So we fell back asleep. I woke up again around 540, and then you started stirring. I started the dryer, got our nursing area ready, then you were awake. Your little cute hands were peeking out the top of your swaddle (uh-oh!), so I unwrapped you, changed you, and took you too eat. You look like you got even prettier over night. I hope your sleeping through the night continues!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Milestones, 10 weeks

Dear G,

First, I sure hope you are feeling okay. I know that your teeth are bothering you and you are (probably) also experiencing some growing pains. One minute you'll be smiling and laughing, so happily, then BAM you burst out in small tears and loud wails. I feel so helpless! I cuddle you, pat your back or bottom, rock you, walk around with you, bounce on the ball with you, put you down to play, put you in your swing, try to take a nap with you, change your diaper, feed you, and eventually one of those things works. You have probably 4 or 5 of these spells a day. They don't last very long; either you're on the downhill or I'm better at soothing you. So, yes, I sure hope you get back to your always cheerful self soon!

G, 10 weeks, 1 day

Second, I can't believe you are 10 weeks old (as of yesterday). That's a long time! When I was pregnant with you, ten weeks seemed like forever! I was 30 weeks pregnant right before Christmas, and I couldn't believe there were still 10 weeks left to go. Thankfully, you know your impatient mom and arrived a few days early :-) So, to but it in perspective, 10 weeks is an awful long time to wait for you, but living with you for 10 weeks has been kind of a blur. I honestly don't know where the time went! It's been a joy being your mom--although there have been stressful and tired exhausted times, and I had/have some physical ailments due to birthing you, I wouldn't trade you for the world. Thank you for being such a wonderful baby. Your daddy and I love you so much.

Here are some of your accomplishments.
Birth: 8 pounds, 11.7 ounces; 21.25 inches tall; 14 inches around your head

You started breast feeding right away, but your small mouth caused us some major issues. I was in a lot of pain and you screamed about being forced to open your mouth really big. I appreciate you being patient (maybe?) as we got it all figured out and I'm proud of you for never "needing" to be fed formula. You also got rid of a moderate care of jaundice all on your own-no lights needed! You were also very good at making diapers, so the doctors liked that. You hated the car for the longest time, but have finally warmed up to the idea of going places and being buckled in. You don't like long trips though. You went to mass for the first time at age 4 days old. You slept through the whole thing, which is okay at this age, but I anticipate teaching you to love God, and that'll be wonderful.
You were back to your birth weight in less than one week old--so proud! You were very strong from the get go, and get stronger each day. You're our little olympian. You smiled very early, and I'm not sure when to count real smiles, but I'd say like 2 weeks old you were really smiling.
You started making very fun noises early too. I remember this one time during your bath you made a real coo noise, and you've never looked back. That was around 3 weeks old.
You have always pushed yourself up during tummy time, and you started rolling over around 1 month old. I think the first were accidents, but you really got going around 6 weeks old. You haven't made a full roll yet, but that's okay!
Most people say babies don't have very good vision, or can't distinguish things for a while; but we know you've been able to see pretty decent for about a month now. Your dad played 'hands' with you and you've mimicked him some. You also love it when I, or anyone for that matter, make faces at you. You light up, laugh, smile back, stick out your tongue. It's so cute. You also 'read' your little black/white pattern book. I think that made a big difference in your vision. You love mirrors. Our bathroom has a huge mirror and bright lights, so you love bathtime (although you hated the first 3). You also have a new activity mat that I think is helping your vision focus. You love lights and looking at yourself in the mirror.
You are really starting to develop your voice, and we have learned what your different cries mean--or at least we think we do! You whimper when you are 'lonely'/'bored' and need a change of scenery or want me to entertain you. You make a face and work up to a loud moan if your diaper is bothering you. You cry distinctly when you are hungry...I don't know how to explain it. I try to feed you before you start crying, but sometimes that doesn't happen, or you are hungry unexpectedly. Sometimes, if you are overwhelmed/overtired you will cry really loud, huff and puff, stop, start crying again until we are able to calm you down and help you fall asleep.
You can now "kind of" hold your self up. You dad has been sitting you up for about a month now, and I've propped you up and then held your hands and let go of your back, you can totally hold yourself up--you just need balance help! Such a strong little girl.
You've also been holding stuff in your hands, and yesterday/today you've been grabbing on to stuff on your own.
You have put yourself on a nice routine for evening sleep and your daytime naps (so long as you don't fight them) are about an hour long. You will cat nap in the car or occasionally after a good feeding.
Basically you are a perfect baby and we are SOOOO lucky to have you!
10 weeks 1 day: I did a rough measurement on the wii fit and you are around 12 pounds (it measured 12.2, but I didn't take off your diaper, so I know that you're a little less than it says). I measured your length and you are 24.5 inches long, and your head is 15.5 inches around!
Right on track :-)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Dear teeth of G,

Show yourself! I demand you stop causing pain to my little girl. As briefly mentioned in an earlier blog, You teeth are working your way in. You top two were felt by Dr. Rahto at her 2 month appointment and Justin and I have been watching you develop for about 3 weeks now. I'd include a picture but she's asleep right now and I don't want to wake her. I may edit later:

So, G had that major meltdown on Sunday, has been much more fussy than normal-to the point of tears and inconsolability sometimes. She's got a sometimes stuffy nose-which leads to post-nasal drip which causes a belly ache from mucous buildup, which then causes a little cough occasionally. It also leads to her poop being mucousy. She's got the drool factor and yucky spit up from swallowing stuff so much different than my milk (different than her previous spit ups). She is also sleeping differently--I'd say better, in fact. Last night bed time was 830 and she woke at 415. It was hard to get her back down but by 6 she was asleep until 7. Then back asleep at 8 and asleep until 11. (the rest of the day will probably make up for this :( )
Now, I've done a lot of googling about teething problems in young babies (10 weeks old today!) and I think that's her issue. Maybe she is kind of sick on top of that, but I doubt it, though it is possible. Pretty much everything I've read says that it's probably you! She has bouts of super happy/normal G and then you go and cause her pain and her dad and I are forced to try/fail at consoling her. I feel like if she were sick for real, she would not be normal during non pain times. Thus, I demand you hurry up and push your way through, you dang teeth!
I know she is young, but her father and I were early teethers, so I'm not surprised. I lost my first tooth while some kids still didn't have all of theirs! I think I got my last adult tooth in like 3rd grade and my wisdom teeth showed themselves before I was out of high school (although they are no longer with us).
Teeth of my Daughter, cease and desist with the pain!

Monday, May 02, 2011


Dear washer,

Thank you so much for not crapping out on me (knock on wood) despite the 2-7 loads of laundry done everyday. Yes, we are using cloth diapers, but I never thought I'd have so much other laundry too! Thank you for keeping G clothed, burp ragged, bibbed, diapered, blanketed, and an array of other things. Of course, there are towels, whites, colors, dress clothes, sheets, jeans, etc that Justin and I appreciate you cleaning too. This particular morning I thank you for cleaning G's rock and play (very useful infant seat / bed of sorts) cover...as she threw up all over it after a very gross cough. I think she has some congestion issues going on the past few days. I expect it is a cold, but seeing as she's breast fed, I'm hesitant to jump to the worst conclusions. Perhaps she has allergies like her Grammy? I would say like her mother, but surprisingly my allergies are essentially nonexistent this spring! Could it be the chiropractor (voodoo doctor according to my husband)? Might it be my hormones affected by pregnancy or breastfeeding!? Perhaps it's my renewed immune system after giving birth naturally. Whatever it is, I'm thankful to not be suffering this spring.
G in her Rock & Play and cloth diaper, about a month ago
So, yes, maybe G has allergies, a cold, or is just stuffed up... But I've seen yucko mucous in her poop and throw up, and Justin sucked a little bit out of her nose around 5 am. She doesn't have a fever and her coughs and sneezes are few. She looked sick this morning but after a gross diaper and an inclined nap near the humidifier, she is definitely in better spirits...which is great because I have an appointment this afternoon and we have a dinner date tomorrow. So, thanks again washer for the diaper laundry done earlier this morning, the r&p laundry you just finished and the baby laundry you're about to do. Sheesh!

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Dear G,
Today you had a major meltdown. It was really your first cry fest of any sort, aside from the one you had driving back home on Easter. I can't blame you for that one, it had been a long weekend of being fawned over. So today, after mass and lunch, your dad and I were watching "It's Kind of a Funny Story," while you were napping on the couch with us. I felt that you had been on your side for a long time, and I was a little worried your shoulder and arm were going to 'fall asleep'--if that's even possible for babies, I assume it is. I tried to move you to your back but you kept wanting to snuggle up to me, I guess the scent of milk is too persuasive. Well, you woke up in a real tizzy. You screamed and screamed. You have never cried like this. This meltdown resulted in multiple REAL TEARS. It was heartbreaking.
I thought it might be your teeth--which, by the way, are showing themselves too early and in the wrong place. Dr. Rahto says babies usually get their bottom teeth first, and typically don't start teething until after 4 months old. As anyone who has met you can attest to, you are an exceptional baby. You were born to break the mold. So due the the possible teeth issue, I tried a teether ring and a cold wash cloth. You scoffed at both and continued the meltdown.
I tried nursing you, despite the fact you had just eaten. That was pointless.
I tried walking around the apartment, no dice.
I tried handing you off to your dad, it has worse luck and it hurt his soul so much because he hates to see you upset. I do too, of course.
I tried changing your clothes, didn't work.
I took your temperature, even though you didn't feel hot. I had your dad look up symptoms of ear infections. I really didn't think you had one because you are super breastfed baby, and I have super immunity, and you weren't even close to tugging at your ears. 
All the things that usually cure your sadness, did not.
We tried everything--even the last resort of 'Colic Calm'.
Colic Calm is ridiculously expensive, especially for what it is, and I can't believe that it has little to no effect on you. I can count the number of times we have used it on my two hands, and the number of times that it's calmed you take no hands at all.
Bouncing on the excercise ball, my 'ace in the hole,' finally worked. You were nodding off to sleep when I made the fatal mistake of attempting to put you down for a nap. Of course, you woke up. At least this time you were consolable. Your dad laid you on his lap and patted your back (this was previously unsuccessful).
I have decided your meltdown was probably a combination of belly ache and fighting sleep. Two things for which you are notorious. Notorious to me anyways.
Speaking of belly ache, I would like to interject a plea for you to stop spitting up so much! I know you are just a bitty baby, but it's getting old always having you in a bib! Your cute clothes are always hidden and I do too much laundry as it is. Last night you spit up in your sleep and got it everywhere, including your cute strawberry blonde hair. Your dad gave you a makeshift bath and changed your clothes, so thankfully you didn't smell horrible for mass this morning. This night spit up has happened twice. Let's keep it to a minimum please.
Speaking of fighting sleep, you have got to stop! You are a growing girl and you need your sleep! You started out as a nice and chunky newborn, but have since become a lean, muscle-y baby. I am proud of you for being such a little athlete already, but you burn so many calories by squirming, rolling, and arching that you have to eat more often than I anticipated you would be eating at 10 weeks old. As long as you are happy, I am okay with you being active. Naps are when you grow and store memories, though, and I want both of those things to happen often. I don't want you to forget anything! Your dad and I are teaching you so much, and you are seeing a lot of neat things these days...you better sleep and file them away in that growing brain of yours! I know that you think the world is a super cool place, and you are afraid to miss anything by taking a nap...but I assure you that when you are well rested, it's even cooler! Plus, momma is able to rest and get momma things done while you are napping, which makes her a better momma.
Right now, you are playing with your dad (I'll write to you about him soon), and are much happier than earlier today. I guess we are doing something right because your first major meltdown only lasted about 1 hour, but it was long enough to make us hope it never happens again!


Our other site, TBA, is still running, but I am disappointed in the limited number of videos I can post there. I also want to have a more functional blog so that I can post things more often. I hope to turn this blog into a place to tell adventures in mothering, my life as a wife, pictures, videos, and stories of my children. I'm still working out the design elements, so bare with me on that. I plan to write each blog as a letter to G, my husband, or someone else.