Thursday, May 05, 2011


Dear G,

Last night you slept from 930 pm to almost 6 am. I'm so proud of you! I put you down awake because it was your bed time and you had eaten from both sides!! (that's a new thing, that happened probably because you were planning to sleep a long time). We have been swaddling you, but I tried not to last night-but ended up doing so to help you fall asleep. You went to bed, then we finished watching Justified (very good show!) and then I took a shower and your dad watched the news. We got to sleep around 1045. I woke up around 4, because you usually would have eaten by then, or right around then... Your dad checked on you...still asleep! So we fell back asleep. I woke up again around 540, and then you started stirring. I started the dryer, got our nursing area ready, then you were awake. Your little cute hands were peeking out the top of your swaddle (uh-oh!), so I unwrapped you, changed you, and took you too eat. You look like you got even prettier over night. I hope your sleeping through the night continues!

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