Monday, May 02, 2011


Dear washer,

Thank you so much for not crapping out on me (knock on wood) despite the 2-7 loads of laundry done everyday. Yes, we are using cloth diapers, but I never thought I'd have so much other laundry too! Thank you for keeping G clothed, burp ragged, bibbed, diapered, blanketed, and an array of other things. Of course, there are towels, whites, colors, dress clothes, sheets, jeans, etc that Justin and I appreciate you cleaning too. This particular morning I thank you for cleaning G's rock and play (very useful infant seat / bed of sorts) cover...as she threw up all over it after a very gross cough. I think she has some congestion issues going on the past few days. I expect it is a cold, but seeing as she's breast fed, I'm hesitant to jump to the worst conclusions. Perhaps she has allergies like her Grammy? I would say like her mother, but surprisingly my allergies are essentially nonexistent this spring! Could it be the chiropractor (voodoo doctor according to my husband)? Might it be my hormones affected by pregnancy or breastfeeding!? Perhaps it's my renewed immune system after giving birth naturally. Whatever it is, I'm thankful to not be suffering this spring.
G in her Rock & Play and cloth diaper, about a month ago
So, yes, maybe G has allergies, a cold, or is just stuffed up... But I've seen yucko mucous in her poop and throw up, and Justin sucked a little bit out of her nose around 5 am. She doesn't have a fever and her coughs and sneezes are few. She looked sick this morning but after a gross diaper and an inclined nap near the humidifier, she is definitely in better spirits...which is great because I have an appointment this afternoon and we have a dinner date tomorrow. So, thanks again washer for the diaper laundry done earlier this morning, the r&p laundry you just finished and the baby laundry you're about to do. Sheesh!

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