Friday, May 20, 2011

You're awesome

Dear G,

I want to let you know how awesome you are! I am so proud of you because you took a great nap today--not at home!! We went to visit our friends, Rachel and Justina! You took a nap in her pack & play. You put yourself to sleep and napped for 1.5 hours! I have hope that this means our trip next week won't upset your new sleep gloriousness. You have not been very fussy at all lately; I am so glad that you have returned to your happy and not fussy baby self! I'm sorry your momma's ignorance led you down a fussy overtired mess for a while. You've been going strong for the past week.
Additionally, you have been talking really well lately. Your babbles have lots of different sounds and go on for a long time. You especially like singing along with me or your daddy. I've been singing "Seek Ye First" to you a lot and you really like that. Two days ago you said "dah-dah" but, of course, it was just sounds strung together and not a word :)
You've also crawled yourself sideways, which is pretty cute. You have maybe moved a little forward, but not crawling really...more wiggling.

Now that I have been tracking your sleep patterns, I've also kept track of when you eat. So now when the doctor asks how many meals you have a day, I can actually answer instead of guessing like usual! You eat 6 meals a day. You aren't on a schedule or anything, but that's just what you've put yourself on. You usually take 3-4 naps a day and they are usually 50-80 minutes long. I think you're so awesome for being able to put yourself to sleep and I hope it continues!
I am so proud of the mom I have become and the daughter you are!! Love you litle bear :-)

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