Wednesday, June 01, 2011

First big trip!

Dear G
Last week we spent some time at Grammy & Papaw's house. I think you had a lot of fun! I'm sure you were a little confused because it was a totally different environment and situation compared to that of our home, but it's good to visit family. I know your aunt was really glad we came, too!

You behaved very well on the plane-nursing or sleeping the whole way. It was a little awkward nursing you nect to a 60 year old man from Birmingham whose son is a baptist preacher... Thank God for hooter hiders. A woman on our way off the plane commented how well behaved you were-she didn't even know a baby was on the plane!
We were picked up by papaw and your aunt. We ate at Crackerbarrel, where you looked around and soaked in the sights while I ate delicious fried apples and chicken n dumplings (not as good as my homemade ones though!). Then we picked up your p&p from great-grandpa's and visited a bit.  You did great in the car until the last hour...you were a wreck and it was sad to see you so upset. Your papaw and aunt got an earful!
When your dad joined us on Friday night, we were both happier! He completes us. He was so glad to see you, he shined his phone light on you as we were sneaking to bed past sleeping you because he hadn't seen you in 4.5 days and wanted to see his baby girl. It was a really sweet moment.
I was pretty anxious about your sleeping habits at grammy's and rightly so. They were pretty ridiculous. Your naps were all messed up and night sleep  suffered a lot. Everyone said to relax because you'd get back on track at home (yet to be seen)...but that was hard because I know how much happier you are when well rested. Eventually I eased up some. You slept in my old room with me (in your p&p), so I'm sure that didn't help either of us.
I helped Grammy with her basement that got water damage during the flood. We all played with you. We went to Tio's. I took your aunt to lunch and marble slab. We visited Mrs. Shelley. You got many new clothes and some new toys. Grammy gave you two baths in the sink!!
You love that a lot! She did too...she really loves having you in her life. You responded pretty well to wearing huggies pure & natural...which treated your bottom almost as good as cloth diapers.
We went to the wedding with out you, but took you to the reception--which means we had to leave early. We missed the cake and dancing--I am bummed about that--but such is the life of a committed momma.
Grammy watched you by herself once and with your aunt another time, and I'm sure you bonded. Papaw watched you for 10 minutes by himself in between the time we left for the wedding and the time Grammy&aunt got home. I was a little worried about that, but he adores you and you just smile and coo back at his silly face.

You took a (pumped) bottle from your aunt & did so very smoothly. It was sweet to see her expression as she fed her little niece. You also took one from Grammy. Everyone got their fare share of diaper changing and snuggle time.

We went to 9 am mass and you didn't really do so great...people said you weren't that bad, but they haven't seen you at noon mass here--you're typically a great baby in church!
You met your great nana and pawpaw, great aunt, and cousin...of course they loved you and enjoyed spending time with you. I'm happy to spread around the G love :)
The extended family came to your aunt's graduation party and I dressed you in a collared red onsie and an osh kosh jean dress...which you promptly spit up on, but it was cute while it lasted!
It was the biggest party you've been too so far, and you behaved as well as could be expected. That many people didn't overwhelm you...just being tired got you crabby though. Your great aunt and uncle took care of you for a good amount of time; they love you so much! I'm pretty sure they'd take you for a whole week if I let them! I stayed with them many times when I was younger, so I'm sure they have an affinity for my little girl :)

We drove through the night hoping you'd sleep and we could get home in good time. I'd consider it a success even though you didn't sleep right away (you were content the first hour) and cried for about 30 minutes and fussed another 30.  I had to put a thick blanket over your car seat to block the passing lights. You get so distracted/stimulated...it's hard for you to sleep anywhere. You are very alert and observant; so it's both a blessing and a curse.
All day Monday your dad and I relaxed with you. It was nice to just be our little family again, and yesterday I wanted to just snuggle you the whole day. I missed having you to myself :)
Two last notes:
after the wedding we attended
Monday night you slept from seven to seven! I'm sure it was because you were so tired from our trip...but if that becomes habit, I'd be very excited!
On the drive back your dad said this: "You know, I really love being a dad. It's really fun."
We're so lucky to have him in our lives...but I did point out that it will get harder by the time you're 14.
I dare you to prove me wrong! ;-)

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