Monday, June 13, 2011


Dear G,
We've not had a 'just us' week at home in 3 weeks! I hope that this has led to you being more social and flexible. You're definitely social; the jury is still out on the latter. Your Great Aunt  and Great Uncle came to visit the first week of June. You got some fancy Steeler clothes and bibs :-) It was really nice to just hang out with you and them. I was also able to run some errands sans baby, which is nice for you and me because I got them done faster and you got to play! They stayed in a hotel but they were here most of the time, so you got to snuggle up to Aunt J lots, and you found Uncle's face amusing. During their visit you started really using your hands a lot more. They've become you're favorite play things.
They left on Monday, then on Tuesday one of my good friends came to visit us! You smiled at her a lot, and loved it when she held you on her lap.
Then we had 2 days to ourselves!

On Friday, Grammy and my sister came for a visit after being at MU for a few days. They stayed in our living room. You, in my opinion, remembered them! Grammy brought you a new electronic book that makes cool sounds and reads to you. They brought you some clothes. You are so spoiled!

I was able to go work out while Grammy babysat you, then on Saturday my sister, Grammy, and I went shopping and you finally got some much over due alone time with Daddy. He's been working a lot and the two of you needed to reconnect. You've also been getting some daddy play time in the morning. I love watching you two play. You definitely know who he is :-)

In the past few weeks you have:
  • Gone through another bout of teething that still produced no teeth.
  • Regulated sleep more, got off track, got back on track and are currently on a 3 night streak of sleep ~7:15 pm to ~6 am
  • You've been taking 4 naps, usually only fighting the last one.
  • You've been squirming more than ever. One morning we even found you 180 degrees from how we put you to sleep!
  • Yesterday you began really lifting your legs under your butt in a crawling motion; your arms and upper body are what need strengthening before you'll really be mobile.
  • You have also been wanting to stand up when held on someone's lap.
  • You enjoy sitting up, but can't pull your self into a sitting position yet.
  • You have become like a little adult, with so many mannerisms and expressions, it cracks me up!
  • Splashing your legs in the bath is probably your new favorite thing!

Recently this has been our routine:
  • Wake up, eat, play, often eat again
  • Nap, mommy picks up and I tend to nap here too!
  • Wake up, play on the floor & listen to pandora lullaby station while mom does a computer related chore, when I'm done, we'll dance some :)
  • Eat and nap (many people would advise against eating before nap, but it helps you nap longer and works out best...so we do it!), I do a housekeeping chore here
  • Wake up, usually go for a walk but if the weather is bad, we just play and read stories
  • Eat and nap, I usually eat my lunch here
  • Wake up, practice talking, rolling, scooting, sitting, holding things (varies day to day)
  • Eat and nap, I do something fun here like do the wii or work on a craft
  • Wake up, play, bath (every other day), maybe swing, usually daddy comes home! (sometimes it's later)
  • Bedtime! :)

You are such a precious little girl and some days I can't believe how lucky I am! Lately when I see a little toddler with her mommy, I get very excited for when you hold my hand and walk along with me. I imagine you'll have blond little pig tails and a cherub little face with a cute but bold voice. You'll have the most adorable everything and while I am not wishing any of this time away...I know that everyday with you is a blessing and I look forward to what the future brings.

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