Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bradley Reunion

Dear G,
Last night was super fun! We went to our Bradley (birthing) class reunion. One of the couples families from our class hosted the get together at their house. There were seven babies, you are the youngest...just like your mom and dad! It was set for a 6 pm start time, and I wanted to get there right at 6 because I didn't know how early we would have to leave due to your crabbiness when bed time gets too late. Of course, we were going into the city and hit bad traffic. We arrived a bit after 6 and two other families were there. We met all the babies, chatted, played, took some pictures, and ate some food. I made broccoli cheddar dip to share; all of the dishes were delicious!

H, I, R, V, K, O, G  |  Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl

When we lined up all the babies for a picture, I realized that even though you are much smaller than many of them now, these are the babies that will be in your same high school year. It seems crazy now, because some of them look like small toddlers and make me realize just how little you still are, but in a few years you'll all be indistinguishable as far as ages go. I wish that we would live here forever so that you could grow up knowing them all. Their parents are great people too. I think it'd be so fun to get together every year for a reunion...but such is our current life situation. Speaking of moving...you dad still can't give us a clear idea as to where or when we will be moving. I'm not good at uncertainties, so it is kind of driving me nuts. I'd like to put roots down, but his job is good and he likes it, so we will do what is best for all of us. Right now, that's staying here.

Another reflection from last night is how involved all the daddies are. I guess that makes sense because it was a Bradley reunion, which is, after all, husband coached childbirth. So if the daddies wanted to be really involved in the pregnancy and birth of their babies, it makes complete sense that they would be really involved dads. I just hadn't given it much thought...but seeing them all last night, with their babies, made me so happy. That is how it is supposed to be. Families are supposed to be a good mommy, an involved daddy, and their babies. Yes, situations arise where that isn't possible, and those are families too...but the ideal situation, to me, is what we saw last night. I hope that later in your life, dear daughter, you find a man who is as good of a husband and daddy as yours is--as good as all those poppas were last night. They aren't scared to change a diaper, they play with their babies, they hold them so the mommas can eat or socialize, they understand their babies needs, they can console them...and be a disciplinarian as necessary. It's not fair for the mommas to be the only bad cop ;-)

Anyways, I'm glad we brought you into this world together and I'm glad the babies from last night got similar welcomings. Thanks to Summer Hill for teaching our class! Thanks to all the families for a great experience!

God Bless all the babies!!!
Oct, Nov, Dec, Dec, Dec, Jan, Feb
In closing, I thought it would be fun to do a little Bradley Fall 2010 personality awards (like in high school):
  • Most Likely to Succeed: V, of course I'm sure all the babies will do great things but little miss V seems to have a lot of ambition already. She braved the rough-housing by the boys last night, a sure sign of a winner!
  • Best All-Around: O. Such a little go getter who was pretty much always smiling last night!
  • Most Likely to be Famous: R, with parents like his and his handsome little face, it won't be long before this boy is on the television!
  • Hardest Worker: H, for everything she's accomplished so far and will accomplish in the future, she works so hard to beat the expectations!
  • Best Smile: K, seriously, the boy is a heartbreaker already! Gorgeous!
  • Sweetest Personality: G, my baby girl is just a lover all around!
  • Class Clown: I, for his crazy antics last night, including a high pitched yell and rolling onto R! He also gave my baby girl a kiss on the cheek! He's clearly a jokester if he thinks her daddy will let any boy near here like that. HAHA!
ps. In dramatic fashion, as is your style, you had to have a wardrobe change. I was changing your diaper and you decided to go again! It got all over your diaper cover, onsie, my hand, and the changing pad... good thing I packed another cute onsie for the pictures. Your dad handled most of it after my hand got dirty, so that's sweet of him :-) With Father's Day coming up, I have been reflecting on all that he does for us...and the answer is a lot! I'll write more about him for father's day.

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