Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Dear teeth of G,

Show yourself! I demand you stop causing pain to my little girl. As briefly mentioned in an earlier blog, You teeth are working your way in. You top two were felt by Dr. Rahto at her 2 month appointment and Justin and I have been watching you develop for about 3 weeks now. I'd include a picture but she's asleep right now and I don't want to wake her. I may edit later:

So, G had that major meltdown on Sunday, has been much more fussy than normal-to the point of tears and inconsolability sometimes. She's got a sometimes stuffy nose-which leads to post-nasal drip which causes a belly ache from mucous buildup, which then causes a little cough occasionally. It also leads to her poop being mucousy. She's got the drool factor and yucky spit up from swallowing stuff so much different than my milk (different than her previous spit ups). She is also sleeping differently--I'd say better, in fact. Last night bed time was 830 and she woke at 415. It was hard to get her back down but by 6 she was asleep until 7. Then back asleep at 8 and asleep until 11. (the rest of the day will probably make up for this :( )
Now, I've done a lot of googling about teething problems in young babies (10 weeks old today!) and I think that's her issue. Maybe she is kind of sick on top of that, but I doubt it, though it is possible. Pretty much everything I've read says that it's probably you! She has bouts of super happy/normal G and then you go and cause her pain and her dad and I are forced to try/fail at consoling her. I feel like if she were sick for real, she would not be normal during non pain times. Thus, I demand you hurry up and push your way through, you dang teeth!
I know she is young, but her father and I were early teethers, so I'm not surprised. I lost my first tooth while some kids still didn't have all of theirs! I think I got my last adult tooth in like 3rd grade and my wisdom teeth showed themselves before I was out of high school (although they are no longer with us).
Teeth of my Daughter, cease and desist with the pain!

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