Sunday, May 01, 2011


Dear G,
Today you had a major meltdown. It was really your first cry fest of any sort, aside from the one you had driving back home on Easter. I can't blame you for that one, it had been a long weekend of being fawned over. So today, after mass and lunch, your dad and I were watching "It's Kind of a Funny Story," while you were napping on the couch with us. I felt that you had been on your side for a long time, and I was a little worried your shoulder and arm were going to 'fall asleep'--if that's even possible for babies, I assume it is. I tried to move you to your back but you kept wanting to snuggle up to me, I guess the scent of milk is too persuasive. Well, you woke up in a real tizzy. You screamed and screamed. You have never cried like this. This meltdown resulted in multiple REAL TEARS. It was heartbreaking.
I thought it might be your teeth--which, by the way, are showing themselves too early and in the wrong place. Dr. Rahto says babies usually get their bottom teeth first, and typically don't start teething until after 4 months old. As anyone who has met you can attest to, you are an exceptional baby. You were born to break the mold. So due the the possible teeth issue, I tried a teether ring and a cold wash cloth. You scoffed at both and continued the meltdown.
I tried nursing you, despite the fact you had just eaten. That was pointless.
I tried walking around the apartment, no dice.
I tried handing you off to your dad, it has worse luck and it hurt his soul so much because he hates to see you upset. I do too, of course.
I tried changing your clothes, didn't work.
I took your temperature, even though you didn't feel hot. I had your dad look up symptoms of ear infections. I really didn't think you had one because you are super breastfed baby, and I have super immunity, and you weren't even close to tugging at your ears. 
All the things that usually cure your sadness, did not.
We tried everything--even the last resort of 'Colic Calm'.
Colic Calm is ridiculously expensive, especially for what it is, and I can't believe that it has little to no effect on you. I can count the number of times we have used it on my two hands, and the number of times that it's calmed you take no hands at all.
Bouncing on the excercise ball, my 'ace in the hole,' finally worked. You were nodding off to sleep when I made the fatal mistake of attempting to put you down for a nap. Of course, you woke up. At least this time you were consolable. Your dad laid you on his lap and patted your back (this was previously unsuccessful).
I have decided your meltdown was probably a combination of belly ache and fighting sleep. Two things for which you are notorious. Notorious to me anyways.
Speaking of belly ache, I would like to interject a plea for you to stop spitting up so much! I know you are just a bitty baby, but it's getting old always having you in a bib! Your cute clothes are always hidden and I do too much laundry as it is. Last night you spit up in your sleep and got it everywhere, including your cute strawberry blonde hair. Your dad gave you a makeshift bath and changed your clothes, so thankfully you didn't smell horrible for mass this morning. This night spit up has happened twice. Let's keep it to a minimum please.
Speaking of fighting sleep, you have got to stop! You are a growing girl and you need your sleep! You started out as a nice and chunky newborn, but have since become a lean, muscle-y baby. I am proud of you for being such a little athlete already, but you burn so many calories by squirming, rolling, and arching that you have to eat more often than I anticipated you would be eating at 10 weeks old. As long as you are happy, I am okay with you being active. Naps are when you grow and store memories, though, and I want both of those things to happen often. I don't want you to forget anything! Your dad and I are teaching you so much, and you are seeing a lot of neat things these days...you better sleep and file them away in that growing brain of yours! I know that you think the world is a super cool place, and you are afraid to miss anything by taking a nap...but I assure you that when you are well rested, it's even cooler! Plus, momma is able to rest and get momma things done while you are napping, which makes her a better momma.
Right now, you are playing with your dad (I'll write to you about him soon), and are much happier than earlier today. I guess we are doing something right because your first major meltdown only lasted about 1 hour, but it was long enough to make us hope it never happens again!

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