Monday, May 16, 2011

We're the experts here

Dear G,
playing, May 13, 2011
We had a pretty great weekend, especially as far as sleeping is concerned. Your dad still thinks it's weird that you are sleeping so much now, but that's because you previously stayed up for 3,4,5 hours at a time! That's not at all good for a little baby, I've since learned. So you are both adjusting to that. He still gets to play with you but he doesn't have as much time with you due to work and you sleeping...but he is maximizing his playtime :) You and I get lots of snuggle time and play probably as much as we used to because I'm able to get chores done while you sleep. I think you're in better moods now that you are sleeping well.
You had a rough time getting to sleep on Friday, but slept well Saturday morning. You took decent naps on Saturday and only got a little fussy that evening. Sunday went even better, you took your naps without any complaint (not even the last one, which has heretofore resulted in a small war), and it lasted 3 hours! I think you are finally breaking the cycle of overtiredness that had occurred due to our ignorance of babies' sleep needs. This is wonderful. Last night you slept from 8:10 pm to 6 am, pretty much uninterrupted. You woke briefly a few times, made some noises and returned to sleep. You also went back to sleep until close to 8. I'm really proud of you, but I know this is probably a fluke and expect that tonight will feature the return of our middle of the night wakings.
So, the sleep 'training' I had been doing has kind of given way into more of 'sleep regulating' system I've developed on my own. Your dad and I are the experts when it comes to you, no one ST book or expert can tell us exactly what you need or should be doing. So we've decided the following things:
  • You are more of an 8-ish pm bedtime baby, and we start getting you ready around 730. Thus, your 'up for the day' time is around 8-ish am.
  • You do best when you eat before sleeping, so the wake/eat/play/sleep routine isn't for you. You are more of a wake/play/eat/sleep gal.
  • You usually get put into your crib drowsy, not completely asleep, and you are doing GREAT at falling asleep on your own.
  • If you have any trouble getting to sleep, we use "shushing" (white noise principle), placing a hand on you, tucking your blanket around your waist tightly, or if you're hysterical we will pick you up to soothe you and put you back down.
  • We will not be attempting a feeding schedule. It messes with supply/demand of breast milk, and it is better for you to eat when hungry only!
  • You've started occasionally sucking/gnawing on your hand. I'm a bit concerned it's a bad habit, but at your age we will allow it. You're a smart girl and you will out grow that.
  • You totally sleep better at night when you take better naps. I hope it helps you grow strong and get even smarter.

Besides sleep, this weekend we read a different book than normal (peter rabbit), you sat up some with our help, we went to an earlier mass than usual (you got a little grumpy toward the end), we went grocery shopping as a family, and we had dinner at Rigo&Kacie's on Sunday night (fish tacos! Yum yum). You and Theo are super cute together, and Siena likes looking at you both and seeing her interact with her brother or you makes me pretty exited for the time when you are a big sister (not for a while though!!).
G sitting up with dad, May 14, 2011
Hope we have a good week, it's your last one before month 4 starts! :-)

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