Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter to little bear

I wrote this to LB 6 days before G was born, I wanted to post it here so if anything happens to the notebook, this will be saved. It also explains why she was called little bear.

My dearest little bear;

Your dad and I are SO excited to meet you. We expect that you'll arrive anytime now, although I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I know it could be up to 3 weeks away! A lot of your relatives are saying you'll arrive this weekend because of the full moon, but I bet you have your own plans. You've always had your own plans-this pregnancy was totally a God thing. Your dad and I were open to having a baby, but weren't really trying to have one... You and God must have thought now would be a great time for our little family to get started! When I found out about you, I was so excited! Your dad kind of thought you were growing in my belly before we even found out for sure--he is really smart! You'll love him! A few weeks later, we saw you and your tiny beating heart. You looked like a piece of rice! So tiny! I cried and your dad was taken back. The doctor decided you were due to arrive on February 27, 2011. That means God created you in my belly right after we moved to Kansas. Everything fell into place perfectly.
Early on you treated me great! Now, though, you are much bigger and you poke me on the inside and sometimes it hurts!! That's okay though, because it means you are strong and growing. Your dad and I chuckle watching you roll under my skin and enjoy feeling you move. Right now your little knee is poking my right side...you're so silly!
So, we call you little bear because of a book I bought for you about 3 weeks after we learned you'd be joining our family. It's called, "God Gave Us You." It's about a little polar bear (my favorite animal!) who asks her mom where she came from. It's a great book and this one time, your dad was reading it to you in my belly...he said that you were our little bear, and it just stuck! Whether you are a boy or a girl, you'll always be my little bear! Often times I appreviate it, "LB" which I think is even cuter! You're my little bear and I love you soooo much!
I've spent the past 38 weeks learning about you as a growing baby inside my belly, decorating and getting things ready, thinking of how to raise you, organizing the apartment, spending a lot of time with your dad, and staying healthy for you. Because you are currently sharing my body, it's really important for me to eat the best things for you to keep growing (but I do love my ice cream!). I also stay active...not over doing it though. I walk a lot, do the AmT machine, and sometimes do the wii fit. Early on I swam laps and went for bike rides.
You started out as an invisible part of me and your dad, and through a miracle of Gid, you've grown inside me. Because of the love your dad and I have for each other, you were created. God gave us you. We can't wait to meet you.
I'm excited to know if you are a girl or boy. I'm looking forward to seeing your face-I bet you have chubby cheeks! I think you'll have blue eyes.
I'm really looking forward to hearing your little voice and teaching you to read! Your dad and I will teach you so much!
We are so blessed to be your mom and dad; and we will always show you love. Because God has been so good to us, we will help you grow up knowing Him. We'll take you to church and develop your faith.
We know being your parents will be tough sometimes, but we will just do the best we can! We are always here for you.

Hope to meet you soon!
Ps. It's really nice weather for February, come out and enjoy it!!

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