Wednesday, July 10, 2013

J's milestones too!

It's been a big milestone week around our house! In case you missed it, G is officially potty trained, knock on wood.

But in order to keep up with the excitement, J woke up last Monday (7/1) and decided he'd like to sit for a long time unassisted!! He first sat "alone" around Father's Day, but would topple over very quickly. He now can sit and play, sit and reach, sit and whine, sit and watch, sit and eat, you get the picture ;-) He's a sitting fool. GO him!!

Then he decided to start army crawling not even a full week later! Whew!! July 7 is when my baby boy started squirming his way toward things. It's so awesome to watch. It made me almost cry the first time I saw it, I hardly even cheered for him - I was in shock I guess! He's getting faster each day, and is starting to investigate. Yesterday it was under the pack and play, today it was under the end table and nearly to the lamp cord until I caught him!

The above video is one of his first army crawls caught on camera.

My life is moving so FAST!! Before you know it, I'll be driving around two potty trained, talking, self-dressing/feeding, friend-making, word writing, book reading, no-nap-taking BIG kids....sheesh!

LOVE THEM!!!! xoxo :-)

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