Friday, August 23, 2013

Eight month + J-man

A few days late--j is now 8 months old!!

I went back and read G's 8 month post, and they are only a little alike. I wrote how she was the happiest baby around...but man I feel like J just knocks that out of the water. Maybe I'm forgetting since G can be temperamental these days, though she's not too bad. 

J takes one nap a day, which is kind of crazy, because I thought G transitioned early (11 months), but I kind of forced it on J....because I want the kids to sleep at the same time. He also sleeps about 12 hours at night (eating 1 or 2 times, though he's slept through a total of two times). So his total sleep is around 14 hours. 

He has eaten just about any kind of baby food around, loves puffs (duh) and Cheerios, and has had real pieces of cooked carrots, peach, banana, sweet potato and halved peas. He also had cherries, blueberries, and lemons in the mesh feeder. Once he's done with these pouches we have, I don't really want to buy more--just move on up to finger feeding or learning off a fork. By 10 months G could eat off a fork, so we'll see.

He's had breast milk from a sippy cup because its hard to nurse him at church and the timing was such I figured he'd want to nurse this past Sunday (err,Saturday  night)...so I pumped and brought the cup. I had to hold it for him & go slow since its much faster, but he drank it and was captivated. He hasn't been keen on bottles ever since he got off them after the NICU when I pumped more. I hate pumping. So I doubt this sippy cup thing takes off.

He is lightening fast at army crawling. And loves exploring, investigating, finding any cord possible, opening cabinets G never even tried to open until she was two... Crazy! (Though I wrote she loved exploring too, J just takes it to a new level)

Oh, and the first place he ever pulled to standing? The fireplace. Fantastic. Haha. I've got my work cut out for me with this one. He's since pulled up in G's rocking chair, and his learning table that we put the legs on now! Pretty exciting stuff around here.

He adores G and is also a big mommas boy--but thoroughly enjoys when daddy comes home. He seemed to miss him while my husband was away on business last week. Duh, we all did.

J can now; smile, roll, sit, clap, wave, eat, pick up small-ish things and bring to mouth, work age appropriate (and some advanced) toys, play peekaboo (moving the blanket on his own!), recognize his name and "no!", swing, army crawl, pull-up, laugh, make babble noises, and investigate. Take that mutated X chromosome!!

Love me some baby boy!!

He's in 9-12 and some 12-18 month clothes, weighs around 19.5-20 pounds and is 27 inches long. (Home measurements). He has 2 teeth.

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