Monday, September 16, 2013

Family fun days

I've taken to labeling certain days "family fun days." Basically that is any day we don't have work & I want to focus on fun rather than chores. Saturday was one such day. We slept in until about 8:30, ate chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes, ran 11 miles, and then I went grocery shopping during nap time while my husband did a few things around the house to help me out.
After nap time we went to jcp for some family portraits and J's 9 month photos. Then onto a local custard place with an attempt at sustainable / mostly eat-clean practices. They also offer $1 local beer. Two of those to our order please. After we made it home, G got to play outside with daddy to burn off some sugar-high. After the kiddies went to bed my husband and I had eat-clean style nachos and watched some tv. A fantastic day. 

One of my favorite parts was on the way to the picture studio, the radio was playing Katy Perry's new song (roar or something?)... Apparently J loved it so he started clapping along, then G did, and it was such fun :)
I also love watching G's face light up when she eats ice cream with SPRINKLES. What is it with kids and sprinkles? They're a waste of a topping if you ask me, but they're pretty & that's what she likes so whatever :) 

Sunday we went to church, and behavior was B for J and A- for G. I heard nearly all the homily. Victory. It was a long winded missionary one too. Whew.

Then a quick lunch, zucchini brownie making (love.), nap time, and onto the moms group picnic. G got to romp around on the play ground with my husband and I socialized with some other moms.

The house is mostly clean, fridge and freezer are full, and we had a play date this morning (after my early morning run). There's a cold breeze blowing through my open window and I'm making stuffed bell peppers for dinner.

More days like I've been having lately, please and thank you Lord.

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  1. I'm gonna have to ask you for the zucchini brownie recipe. That would become a staple in our home! Looks like it was a fantastic family day!



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