Friday, July 06, 2012

Nearly 16 Weeks with #2

It's hard to keep you updated on the pregnancy--that is, if you even want to be--because life is happening all around us. The time to sit and write is being eaten up by an active little toddler and summer life in CA. I do want to record the little pregnancy milestones and preserve memories that #2 might ask about later in life (or his wife might be interested in, if it is a boy).

First of all--I have been feeling the baby move for about 2 weeks now. This is CRAZY because I didn't really feel G until 18 weeks (and even then, I wasn't sure about it). My husband has been feeling the baby on the outside, for about a week. 14 weeks is really early to feel the baby move, so we have quite the rambunctious #2.

My energy has either increased, or I'm learning to deal with the greater levels of fatigue. I believe it's the last option, because I do find my eyelids to be very heavy in the late afternoon. I also sigh to myself, around 3 pm, about how tired I am. Luckily, going to the gym around 4 or 5 gives me a boost of energy to get through the evening.

Speaking of going to the gym...#2 is getting more of a fun-filled pregnancy than G did. I was pretty cautious, as I think most moms are, with my first pregnancy. I didn't eat many of the "no-list" foods, I didn't do much of the "no-list" activities, and I took it easier in my activity level. Now, with a toddler to chase after, things fall by the way-side. I've eaten lunch meat not heated up, I've had frozen yogurt out of a machine several times, and I've licked the brownie batter. I don't count my glasses of water and I certainly haven't started tracking my protein intake.

I'm also doing more in the gym than I did with G at this stage in the game. I was active throughout my previous pregnancy, but I don't remember jogging once I found out I was pregnant with G. Now, I'm still jogging about 1.5 miles 3-4 times a week, with some light weights mixed in, because I started more in shape than last time. I don't want to get out of shape, and jogging is safe throughout pregnancy. Doctors say that the looser joints can lead to more injuries, and the growing belly may throw your balance off--so those are things I'm mindful of. I will probably switch my activities once my belly gets large. There are days when I just don't feel up to jogging, so I do mix in an elliptical workout.

For now, it's not even worth taking a belly photo, because I mostly just look fat. My jeans don't button, and only one huge pair (bought in the early post-pregnancy months with G) of regular shorts does. Thankfully workout capris / shorts & my belly band thing have saved me from getting out any maternity clothes yet. They'd be too big anyways--I'm definitely at the 'in between' stage. Additionally, I started 10 pounds lighter this time, so I'm just now at the weight of which I started my last pregnancy. Yes, I gained 10 pounds in 16 weeks...even with being active. Maybe it's twins?

I'm craving cheese, mostly any dairy really (besides milk, blech). Of course, I still love my daily sweet treat. I'm not a fan of pork this pregnancy--except breakfast pork, like sausage or bacon. I have aversion to veggies--like last time. I eat them at least once a day, but it's not the easiest thing in the world. Thankfully, I drink juice with carrots in it, and take a vitamin. I'm also slacking in the fruit department--mostly because G mooches from me and it takes too long to peel an orange with her around. I need to just stock up on frozen fruit to pull out quickly.

I've been having crazy dreams, but sleeping well overall. I have to get up to go to the bathroom once a night, so that sucks, but at least it's only once, right? I've had a few bad headaches. My face is definitely more prone to break-outs and my gums are more sensitive. I'm not ever really nauseous, although sometimes I just feel crappy in general. It comes with the territory.

It's been one week without nursing G (I need to write about that, I know), and I feel better about giving #2 100% of my body for the next 23-26 weeks. Wow. Time is flying when you look at it like that, eh? We find out boy or girl exactly 1 month (4 weeks and 3 days) from today!! With G, as you may know, we waited until delivery to know her sex, but this time...I want to know asap! If I had to place a bet, I would bet on a girl...but to be honest, I've been feeling more and more like it's a boy. I just wouldn't bet on it, though, because our family is full of girls and I know the baby was conceived prior to ovulation, which generally leads to a girl. I'll keep you posted on August 6th....or maybe I'll keep it to myself ;-) OR maybe, like my husband hopes, they won't be able to see the 'goods.' boo!


  1. It's fun to look how into everything is for you. I'm glad you're feeling pretty good about things and still exercising! I can't wait to see your belly and feel the baby move AND if it's a boy or girl! =)

  2. AJ is alreayd in love with it either way, but I'm feeling BOY.

  3. It's really interesting to hear what is the same/different from last time! And I didn't know you when you were pregnant with G so this is a fun way to learn about your first pregnancy! Can't wait to hear about the sex and see the picture of the darling ( and he/she with big sis!) in twenty something weeks!


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