Sunday, February 24, 2013

J at two months + baptism

A brief post, since I am a week late... J is actually 10 weeks old today!!
2 months, 1 day old, on the way out of his baptism
Can.NOT.Believe that it has been "so" long since he was born. He's a sweet boy who loves to smile and coo and is starting to make even more fun sounds. He is rather fussy sometimes, and I think it's related to his belly being upset or being over tired, so I believe his nature is actually quite pleasant over all. He is pretty alert, and it's my "expert" opinion that he's mentally advanced, but physically behind. I'd imagine that has to do with that pesky CDPX1. His breathing is stable, and generally noisy. He has had some stuffy nose stuff lately, but not too bad, even though his sister has a cold. Thanks breastfeeding!
He has a 100% head size, and is about 50% for weight and height, though most of his weight is his head and most of his height is his torso...so we'll see how all that potentially short stature stuff works out from the cdpx1.
weight - 12 lb, 5 oz
height - 22.75"
head - 16.9"

He hasn't accomplished many physical milestones, but he has done many social ones. He recognizes our faces/voices and favorite toys. He has started trying to suck on his hands. He squirms a good deal on his back, and gets his legs up under him on his belly. He has not rolled over, and doesn't really lift his head.

I'm proud to say that last night he slept from about 8:30 to 4:15 am and then again from 5 to 6 and 6:15 to 8:30. Holla!!! We'll see if that keeps up. He has consistently been sleeping a long chunk of about 6 hours then a few more hours after eating.

His third synagis shot will be this week, and he got the DTAP and HIB shots last week. He will have blood drawn (real style, not the heel prick) for his genetic test and xrays for his spine soon...this crazy snow weather is dampering my plans to get out for those!

His favorite things are being diaperless/naked. I think he'd be that way 24/7 if it wasn't too cold, and I didn't mind getting peed on! He loves nursing and also enjoys a warm bath.

In just a short time longer, he'll be three months old!!

J behaved perfectly at his baptism (not so for G at hers). He slept most of it and was happily alert for pictures :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing. He is precious!

  2. My son had to have a real blood draw when he was a few weeks old, it was so tough! I would highly recommend bringing another adult with you or asking for extra nurses/phlebotomists because you may not want to help hold him down, can be quite traumatizing for Mama. And nursing right after will definitely help him feel better and calm down quicker!


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