Thursday, February 07, 2013

Life Lately, again

Perhaps you've been wondering how our day to day life has been...seeing as how most of the blog has been about genetic abnormalities lately.

Well, it's going fairly well. I've got my mind wrapped around this mom of two thing, and we even have hot dinners almost every night of the week, and I take a shower every night. Magical.

G has fully adjusted to having J around. About a month ago, a friend told me that her doctor said kids that young take about 6 weeks to forget what life was like before the new baby. Welp, here we are at nearly 8 weeks, and I'd say she has no recollection of life without him. She asks about him first thing in the morning ("baybeee?"), in addition to dadda (and now she can say "work"), and always has to know where J is if he's not in her sight. She is still very helpful with him, and now enjoys hugging and kissing him--since he's a bit less fragile. He's pushing 13 pounds, so I mean, he's not quite the newborn we brought home.

She's started playing "babies," and her imagination is getting stronger for it. Mostly she puts them to sleep and feeds them--surprisingly, play food, not a weird attempt to nurse them...so at least that's not socially awkward. Although, she does comprehend that I feed J milk, and that's how he eats.

She and I have been doing "projects" daily. It keeps us sane, passing the time, every day all day, with no field trips is really a bore. Recently we made a moose house and a rocket ship. We've made manacotti and a dessert cheeseball for my mom's group potluck. We just made her valentines box today. It's been super fun, and I'm glad we still get one on one time.

I do wish we could go fun places together. I can't wait until we can introduce J to the park, the library, Panera, play dates, target runs, the pet store (aka free "zoo"), and all the new places we might find. Oh, and church. J still hasn't been to church. That place is a Petri dish, you know...

But. He is getting baptized this weekend, so that one is soon to be marked off. I'll be bringing Clorox wipes, and attempting to minimize the germ damage. At least he'll have some immunities from breastfeeding.

We are also celebrating G's birthday this weekend. A picture blog to follow for that, but spoiler alert, it's Caillou themed. Because they don't have anything Daniel Tiger for sale yet. Plus, she still really loves Caillou. Her two Caillou dolls sleep in my old doll cradle in her room, and she tucks them in with a pink blanket.

As for me, I'm doing pretty good. Still having bad pain when I try to get up from laying down after a while, and sitting any way but "properly" is nearly impossible. I can't really lay on my stomach, and my sides are a touch and go situation. It's been 8 weeks. I think it's about time this mess clear up. I was in Pilates ab shape before my pregnancy, but I suppose having 33 cubic cm of fluid reduced the strength of my abs, and then the traumatic birth sitch didn't help either ugh. I get really sad about it when I look at my stomach, and how hard I worked out to maintain my strength... Only to have it reduced to nothing. I had similar feelings after my knee surgeries in high school. I remember how hard physical therapy was back then, and how often I cried. I got through that, I just need to remember I can get through this.

My husband is great, and has been letting me out some. I went to my moms meeting last week, and it was lovely. We had a V-Day potluck and a speaker about being a good balance between Martha (type A me) and a Mary (carefree rarely me). So many of those moms have supported us through the past 2 months, and I'm eternally grateful for them! (If you are reading this--thank you again!!) I've also done the grocery shopping the past two weeks. I went to lunch with my BFF a few weeks ago, and it was magical too.

My husband is also great because he picks up many of the chores to allow me a breather. He actually got mad at me for cleaning the bathroom toilets and sinks... Ha. And he helped me fold clothes last night. What a catch.

Speaking of last night, J slept his longest chunk of time yet...5 hours. We got about 4 of that by the time we got settled in for bed. 4 hours. Man o man, it was Divine.

I'll do a two month post for him soon, since it's this Saturday, and a two year blog for G next week, since that's almost here too. I have plans to get professional photos of their shared "two's" :)

A quick up date though; he is smiling and cooing tons! He's tummy time durations are increasing, but he still hasn't really lifted his head. G gets new words daily, but still says "duh-duh" like a broken record. She's gone in the potty several times, but won't wear big girl panties without crying, and usually doesn't tell me she needs to go until its too late. If I didn't have another kid to attend to, we'd be done potty training for sure.

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