Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Paint Project - the Powder Room

I really didn't mind the color of the powder room...but it needed another coat of paint because there was primer (or the previous color white?) showing through. It was pretty annoying. I mean, you had to look at it a while to see it...but once you knew it was there--super annoying.

the paint oopsies
So while the kids and I were away, one of my husband's jobs was to put a second coat on it (and paint behind the toilet, because the previous owners had left it white...dumb.). Well... Apparently, there were two similar colors out in the garage (at least the previous owners left us all the paint ever used in the house). Once the paint dried, it was VERY obvious he had chosen the wrong shade of green-blue. Poor guy. So since it was a multi-color disaster, I just decided to go purple :-)

FINALLY! A purple room!! Haha... If you've read my previous paint posts, or know me, you know I've wanted SOMETHING purple around here...and my sweet husband agreed to let the smallest room in the house be purple. Conveniently, it's next to the green kitchen that has wine color accents, so I turned the powder room into a wine color with green accents. Pretty spectacular, actually.

We went cheaper this time, using Lowe's paint instead of SW. The color is Valspar Satin Finish 4001-4B Classical Violet.

the powder room now... I want to paint the vanity white now

the powder room when we looked at the house

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