Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cinderella Cake with G

I love baking. That is pretty obvious. I also enjoy letting G help me bake. We've grown together, in our method. I've never really shied away from letting her measure, dump, stir, mix, and occasionally make a mess. There have been a few times when I've gotten frustrated with her, due to time constraints, expensive ingredients, or sensitive nature (yeast, specifically) but generally, we have a grand time. She has her own apron, hat, mitt, etc. I imagine she'll be a big baker when she is older too. Her favorite thing to do, aside from TASTE, is mix. The other day, though, I learned she does NOT like the hand mixer. It is too loud for her. She much prefers the Kitchen Aid stand mixer....classy expensive taste :-)

From "Kitchen Fun - a cookbook for Children" by Bell & Smith (1932)
G has her own little cook book, and anytime I get my recipes out, she wants to have her own book down too. It's quite adorbs. We haven't ever made anything out of it, though there are plenty of fun recipes in it.

Then over the weekend (Memorial Day, specifically) I decided it was high time she got to actually make something from her cook book. We picked out just the perfect thing. Cinderella Cake with Jam Frosting!

I have no clue why it's called Cinderella Cake, but I'm guessing it's because it's pretty plain, but still yummy. Like Cinderella was really plain, but still caught the Prince's eye? Idk.
I let G do everything, with some help, aside from cracking the eggs. And, she didn't want to hold the mixer (see above). But we used the Kitchen Aid for the frosting, and she's great at turning that on and off, and helping to tap-tap-tap the sides.
mixing in the vanilla by hand, with tear stained cheeks from hating the hand mixer

After I put J to bed, we finished the frosting and all sat down to enjoy our Cinderella Cake :-) It was a lovely end to our lovely weekend.

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