Friday, December 20, 2013

For posterity

Today when I was getting the kids settled for nap time.... J crawled up onto bed with G and gave her the best snuggles and kisses. He, for once in his life, was not being rough at all, no hair pulling or anything. It was SO sweet. I just kept watching them be snuggley and wished I could get a photo if it but I knew if I left, the moment would be gone.

So I'm here writing it down so I can remember it always. J would give open mouth cheek kisses and then put his cheek against G's cheek; they would both look at me with angel eyes and I felt so much joy. 
They are so good for each other & I'm glad to be their mom. 

Best part? G said,  "j wants to sleep in my bed ! Take nap here!"

I melted, but then took him to his room lol
Maybe when he wouldn't fall out of her toddler bed, but doubtful because they'd be too rambunctious!

Moments like those make all the challenges worth it because you can't have the good without the bad.

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