Monday, December 09, 2013

The best year of my life. 27

I can now truly say I feel the age that I am. For about 5 years now I have "felt" 27. I don't know why, I just thought that seemed about how old I should be based on my life.

And here I am. Twenty Seven Years Young. I have, in fact, been on earth for a full 27 years. So crazy. Happy Day of Giving Birth to Me Mom!! (As a mom, I now feel birthdays should really be about celebrating the woman who did the birthing, and she's seen below with me and my crazy kiddos)

This was the best year of my life. Probably because it started off so anxiety filled and ended so peaceful, but really, I can't think of one year that has so much GOOD in it...and it's not like I've had a bad life.

I had great visits with family and did fun activities, I heard good news about J and his condition, I had a few wonderful date nights with my amazing husband who is perfect for me, we settled into our house and got a lot of major projects marked off, I trained and rocked my first half marathon with my husband, I started eating better than ever in my life and got back to my college weight (but without the eating disorder I had then soooooo that's awesome), I settled into my mommahood and continually worked on my parenting (some days are better than others), oh...and I got a JOB! So I mean....yeah, it's been a freaking awesome year.... especially because there was only a small bad patch at the beginning due to recovering from J's crazy birth. And I guess the night is darkest before the dawn. Here's to hoping year 28 is even better!!!

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