Monday, April 21, 2014

Personalities - INFJ or ENFJ

I know I'm in desperate need of a kid-family life blog update, but I had to just get out my observations on a personality crisis I've been having. And I think the fact that I look at it as a personality crisis proves that much more that I am an INFJ.

Lately my humanmetrics myers-briggs/jung personality test has been labeling me as an ENFJ (though my E-extroverted is only 1% preference). The 16personalities test also labels me as an ENFJ... For 6 years I've thought I was an INFJ....so it was a tad bit concerning to me that I was now this new personality....

So I investigated probably more than I had time to do...to find out the subtle differences between INFJs and ENFJ... I feel like both descriptions fit me pretty well but I felt it necessary to pin myself down as one (I think this is a classic INFJ desire, Jung himself was an INFJ). I do enjoy socializing, but it is written that INFJs are the most extroverted of the I's and ENFJs are the most introverted of the E's....they are apparently very hard to tell apart.

The website I found most helpful in determining what I really am was on personalityjunkie.com and was a post called INFJ vs INFP, ENFJ, ISFJ

Basically it says that INFJs main objective is to understand the world and the ENFJs main objective is to change or influence the world. While I would like to do both, let's be honest... I am not a mover or shaker, I dream about being one...but mostly I just want to make sense of it all. ENFJ's have a hard time saying no....and I definitely don't mind saying no.

Anyways, like I said I've spent way too much time researching this, so hopefully soon I'll have time to sit down and post kid pictures and life updates!

The protector vs the giver
if you have a chance to read those and know me personally, which fits me better in your opinion? I'd bet it's the protector ;-)

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  1. I love reading about personality types. It brings me back to my psychology days. :-) I am a very strong "I" and "J" but the middle ones are less strong for me, and I have the 1% issue between the "F" and "T". I tend to lean more towards the ISFJ though the ISTJ describes a lot about me as well. Self reflection and understanding your own personality is so important! Thanks for sharing!


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