Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Gender Announcement #WW #Linky

BABY BOY!!!! For his sake, the XY photo shall remain off the internet, so you get a beautiful picture of his face at 20 weeks--in 4D no less! His hand is up by his eye, and his other arm was moving a lot, so there is a swirl on the right side of the photo.
here you can see baby boy's face, covered by his arms --and a foot peeking in too! What an acrobat!

We are so excited to welcome our first son into our family this holiday season :-)

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  1. Awww. Congratulation on the boy! I love having baby boys!

  2. Awe, congrats! I am sure Gianna is going to love having a baby brother. :-)

  3. Congratulations! He already looks adorable!

  4. Oh that is so exciting! I'm so happy for you!!


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