Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm the mom of a one-and-a-half-year-old

G is 18 months old. So big. The only two things that reminds me she is a baby are the diapers and the lack of a full and understandable vocabulary.

She has chores. She sleeps well. She has a mouth of teeth. She takes a bath in the big kid tub. She eats like a kid. She dances, sings, plays piano, and masters puzzles five minutes after getting them. She knows what we need to do to leave and does it--often reminding me if I'm about to leave without something. She reminds me to drink water when we are eating lunch!

Oh, and she is nearly a big sister. Don't forget that fact. She knows baby brother is in my belly and she knows which things are his--does she always like that? no.

G at 18 months:


Blueberries or any berry, nearly any fruit. 100% fruit juice when she gets it. Noodles. Eggs. Grilled baby carrots. Ham. Pb & J. Oatmeal, if I feed it to her. Making a mess + feeding herself yogurt.
Penguin jammies
When Daddy comes home from work, or is home on Sundays to get her out of bed in the morning
watching Tom + Jerry with Dad and laughing
Baby Bear and Brown Bear books + currently Just Go To Bed (little critter book)
Watching Elmo--oh and watching Live! with Kelly when I get a chance to turn it on
She also got the chance to watch some Tom & Jerry this past Saturday and absolutely LOVED it...seriously thought it was the greatest thing ever made.
Going to the gym + playing with other kids
"typing" on the computer
"Paradise" by Coldplay
Eating snacks on the carpet in the living room
Doing puzzles, shape sorters, putting things in and figuring how to get them out of various containers...any thing that requires logical brain power :-)
Picking out her own clothes, snacks, etc...
Digging in the dirt
Giving Kisses
Skyping--especially when Papaw comes on the screen
Using a napkin
She loves bath time and bubbles :-)
she loves showing everyone what a skunk does--peee you!



The start of nap or bed time routines, but she recently started not crying when we leave the room (for now) so that's awesome.
Being told no--but thankfully she still respects it!
Doing just about anything *not* on *her* time
Being in the car for a "long" time
Sitting still, ever, especially at church
Not being about to see the screen when I'm on the phone or taking a picture
--she's a pretty easy going kid aside from that

  • Bed Time: between 8:30 - 9 pm...she usually sleeps until 8 am
  • Teeth: still waiting on the canines and two year molars. She's been cutting the first canine for weeks--fun
  • Her feet are finally getting a bit bigger--outgrowing her size 4 Children's Place sandals. She fits well into her size 5 Converse and her 4.5 Stride Rite shoes are fitting fine for now.
  • She's in 18-24 month clothes, a few 2t shirts or shorts.
  • I'll giver her height and weight from the doctor when we go in a few weeks, I'd estimate a bit of change in height but not much in weight.
loves helping -- seriously she's such a HELPER


She's climbing a lot better, can get on chairs herself. She went poop on the potty for the first time ever last week. Potty training is very slow going--mostly because I haven't committed to sitting her on it every hour. She knows which things are 'hers' and which are others, even if she doesn't always like it. She's a great playmate and doesn't get upset if someone takes something from her or is a 'bully'. I doubt that lasts much longer, but at least she can realize she's the small dog in the fight, if you know what I mean. She does many things 'on command' now that she didn't do before--like dancing/spinning in circles, smiling, etc. Her coloring skills are much improved, with long + dark strokes, versus the short lines or banging-dots from the past few months. I'm still trying to get her to try a writing grip. We're also starting to work on colors. She can memorize things and if she repetitively does or sees something, she can recall the color/item, but picking out the right color the first time isn't mastered. My husband is trying to work on the numbers--it's slow going. She's picked up a few new sounds/words--including tsssss for a snake and bebee for baby. She understands everything in her day to day life, but it seems she always has. I wish you could all meet her, because honestly, she's a baby genius. I suppose most moms say that, but I'm amazed daily at the things she knows, does, and figures out. I love her to pieces and couldn't be more proud of her. She's very friendly, happy (usually), and loving.


  1. I am impressed with the chores; what types of chores do you have her do? So fun to read your update! She sounds like quite the smarty. :-)

  2. Great to know about you!!! I am wondering with your favorite things.


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