Wednesday, August 08, 2012

To Do List + taking suggestions

Find an infant car seat that fits our budget (less that $150) but is also very safe (cute doesn't hurt).
Find a double stroller that has the capability to have a car seat clipped in (jogging style preferred).
Find either a big girl bed for G or a new crib for baby boy.
Find a new OB doctor and baby boy / G new doctors, OR move back to our old town :-)
Figure out where to give birth...home's not really an option.
Drink more water and eat lots of protein.
Buy & wrap Christmas presents in advance.
Take a fall trip to the Midwest if we don't get the okay to move back asap.

I've got a lot spinning around my head right now, but I promise to get back in the regularity of posting :-) My sister was here for a week, so that is why things slowed down even more!


  1. Looks like a good, organized list! I really hope you can get the doctor/giving birth situation figured out.

    As for the water, what helps me drink more is always having a cup with a straw around...I love my re-usable one because it is eco-friendly and the straw really helps me, but just always having some water around just makes it easier to drink more.

    A baby boy is the only Birthday/Christmas present I need =)

    Huge fan of the trip to the Midwest in the fall!

  2. Aunt J and Uncle J agree with Aunt D. A baby boy will be a great Christmast present. love you all.

  3. The Graco Snugride 35 is available for less than $150 at many places and we love that carseat.
    BOB running strollers are awesome. We only have a single BOB (which we love), but several friends of ours have the double. It has an attachment you can buy to make it carseat friendly too.
    For water, I always have my camelback water bottle near by. They work great to have with a toddler in site because they don't spill when tipped, but they are still straw cups. :-)
    Good luck!

  4. I go to Dr. Gailif if San Francisco for my lady issues. I really like her. Not sure if SF is too far for you, but she's right by Embarcadero, so it's not that far into the city. You can see more about her practice here: http://goldengateobgyn.org/


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