Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Wish List (current on 9/20)

I just snagged a used stationary side crib, waterproof mattress, and changer/dresser combo for 230 on craigslist. Not exactly cheap, but cheaper than buying new or consignment. It's quality stuff too, in pretty good shape. I just ordered his car seat on amazon and got a quality walk through baby gate for the stairs.

I don't think we'll be having a shower, though that'd be fun...a boy themed baby shower!! So this is my place to list things he needs / we need. I'm not trying to ask for donations or anything, but if some one asks....

hey, what do you need? 

I'll direct them here, and keep it updated with anything given to us. I'm not above gently used items that you may have similar to things listed below.

  • Baby Monitor. We really want a video monitor. We didn't have one with G, and I ALWAYS wished we had one. I almost bought one, but then decided to wait on it. We love this one, but know it's expensive, so any on our amazon wish list are welcome, of course. Scratch that. I bought it with a discount.
  • Double Stroller. This is a big wish, and we can probably live without it. We definitely need at least a single stroller though. I'd love a double JOGGING stroller too, but that's not a necessity!
  • Books and baby toys to call his own. We have a good variety, but if there's something that screams you name and it seems like it'd be something good just for him (or too young for G, for instance), we'd love it.
  • Clothes :-) I have been purging consignment sales and clearance racks for a few items, but babies go through a lot of clothes! They don't have to be super adorable or anything...mostly sleep & play jammies for the first few weeks. Some nice baby church clothes would be appreciated, too, though.
  • Socks!! Little boy adorable socks!
  • crib sheets, boy colors :-)
  • crib mattress protectors
  • changing table waterproof protector things
  • lamp for his room
  • GLIDER with ottoman, please   
  • another walk thru gate for the stairs
  • Cloth diapers are always welcome 
  • baby wash clothes, towels
  • baby bath wash/shampoo (pure & natural preferred, but not demanded) don't need powder or cream
  • sensitive skin baby wipes (usually use cloth wipes, but it's nice to have the disposable type too)
  • All Pure & Clear detergent
  • Eco Sprout cloth diaper detergent
  • gift cards to target (or a date bundle for mom/dad to movies or restaurant or just a free baby sitting session) TOTALLY WELCOME! :-)
  • ***Breast Feeding Support
  • ***Natural Childbirth Support

Things we have:

  • Plenty of burp clothes and receiving blankets
  • My Breast Friend nursing pillow (no boppy needed)
  • High chair 
  • Monitor
  • Bath tub
  • Car Seat
  • Crib
  • Dresser / Changing Table combo
  • Beco Baby Carrier (no bjorn needed)
  • Manual breast pump
  • Pack and play
  • Rock and play
  • Tummy time mat / gymnee things

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