Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy, Tired, Pregnant.

Those are my excuses for lack of blogging lately.

I am busy --- we are in the middle of a contract on a house in Kansas. If you have bought a house before, you know there's a lot that goes into it. I knew that going in, so I was prepared, but it doesn't change the fact that there's a lot to stay on top of. Electronic paperwork certainly helps though! I also think we've got a good real estate agent, lender, and realtor mother-in-law looking out for us (don't worry, they are 3 separate people). We've got the contract down, the inspection done, and are waiting on the appraisal.

I am also busy trying to figure out things for the baby. I lined up our old doula (who was in training when we first had her, but is now fully certified, but she was great then and so I'm sure she'll only be better now). I will be returning to my old midwife and the kids will see their old doctor. I couldn't be more thrilled about that. I love them both. However, there are other things to figure out....like the new infant car seat we are deciding on. We started with a convertible car seat with G but found she didn't love it, so we used a borrowed infant seat from my husband's aunt and it worked a lot better. It's not that I lugged her around in it all the time, but it was more comfortable for her to ride in and did come in handy when I had appointments that I couldn't carry her during/for/at. This time around we are starting with our own infant seat. I'm trying to decide between a few different models, and it will probably come down to price. I'm also looking for a good deal on a double stroller. I really want the Baby Jogger City Select...but it's nearly $700. Thus I am moving down to the Kolcraft Contours Optima. It's substantially cheaper but pretty much the same. Also busy looking for deals on a gate or two for our stairs, I found a good one at the consignment shop in town, but am hoping it's still there when the price decreases. I also found a free day bed frame that we'll probably use for G (with a new mattress) and give her brother the crib. Maybe not, though, we might just put that in our new office and get her rails and a mattress. We'll see....

The list of things I've been busy with, in addition to parenting, wifing, and housekeeping, could go on for pages...but I'll let your imagination fill the rest in.

I am also tired. The tired part probably has a lot to do with being busy and being pregnant. So suffice it to say...I'm often pooped, but keep chugging along because that's what must be done, ya kno?

I am pregnant. Did you forget about that part? I certainly could sometimes, because everything else is a whirlwind, but little baby boy doesn't let me forget about him. He is kicking, swimming, spinning, punching, bobbing, etc etc... up a storm. I love feeling him move around, and that hasn't gotten painful yet. Although, my muscles are much more sore and my bones often ache. I really need to get back to the chiropractor. I'm going to find a new one because my old one, while I love him, is too far of a drive from our new house to do on a very regular basis. Chiropractic care is the one thing I didn't 'believe in' but was totally converted in my last pregnancy. For all you doubters out there....give it a shot. It worked miracles on me before and after birth. It helps with sciatic nerve pain, hip pain, and in general, keeping things in place so that the baby is free to move down the birth canal easier than many moms experience without chiropractic care. No unnecessarian for me, please.

Ok, enough about me. Here's some fun things going on with G lately.

She's still cutting the top two canine teeth. They are poking through, but not all the way out yet and definitely still bothering her. She's also got the bottom two swelling up.
Her sleep has been great for the past week (since we returned), but last night I had to go in 15 minutes after we put her down because she was crying (hadn't done that since we left). Sleeping 8:45ish pm to 9am ish with hour and a half nap around 1:30 pm.
We have her 18 month appointment (so it's a little late) on Friday. Will update stats then. She's also getting her tetanus booster. boo.

Her latest word, one of the few understandable, is Pizza Pizza. Did I write about this before? I might have, I don't remember, sorry. She learned it when we went out for pizza on our house hunting trip. It's seriously super cute. She sounds like she should be in a Little Cesear's commercial because she says it Pisssa-Pissaa! and smiles very coyly. She knows it's dang adorable and milks it for all it's worth :-) She also knows what she is saying, so that makes it even better. She points to pictures of pizza (She has one on a puzzle) and says Pizza Pizza!

Her current favorites are:
Freedom of movement--running, dancing, "jumping," spinning in circles, climbing, etc...
Paying at the store. I let her hand the money over or swipe the card. She loves having 'jobs.'
Giving baby brother kisses :-)
Whining. seriously, give me a break!
Wearing hair bows--she knows she doesn't leave the house without one! It's adorable.
Picking her own things out, I try to let her as often as I can, but sometimes we just have to put a move on it!!
Eating little fruit cups--like the pineapple tidbits in 100% juice. I think she'd eat 17 a day if I let her.

Recent battles:
Diapering, specifically, she only wants to wear non-prefold diapers. That's annoying. I really want to potty train, but I can't force it. She's sadly, not ready. We've tried, oh boy, have we tried....but it's a no go for now :-(
Bath time, last night was a full out war. Very strange, she usually loves it.
Washing hands, sometimes she's all about it, other times she pitches a huge fit.
Turning the TV off. The art of distraction, or presenting something 'cooler' helps this. I know it'd be "easier" to never turn it on...but did you read above?? I am busy, tired, pregnant. Sometimes I need a little Sesame Street break. I'm not a bad mom. 99% of you have or will do something similar :-)

Side note: church behavior is improving, finally, knock on wood. She is also better about folding her hands during prayer time. Our secret is to sit close to the musicians. I think we have a future pianist or violinist on our hands. I'm a-okay with that. (She's also a future engineer, she LOVES figuring this out and is really good at it)

Well folks, hopes this cures your curiosity :-)

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  1. I also agree that chiropractors can actually help pregnant women from their discomfort sans the need to take drugs or medical prescriptions. These people are amazing. Anyway, good luck to your pregnancy.


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