Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Our House Hunting Labor Day

We are currently under contract for a house back in Kansas! It's a four bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, two story home. It's a bit higher than we had wanted to go, but the sellers are paying nearly all of the closing costs, so that helps. We feel very fortunate to have the ability to buy a home, especially one with room to "grow" into. I love that it is a two story, and look forward to Christmas morning when the kids run downstairs to see the tree, presents, and snow falling out the window. There's a lot I want to do with the house, but it's nearly impossible to do it all now and for a planner/impatient person such as myself, it's definitely hard to wait. I've actually got my notebook next to me with sketches of the room sizes and plans for how things will go into each room (plus what we "need/want" to fill them with). I have to do lists, eventually to do lists, to buy lists, to buy eventually lists....buying a home is exciting!

The search was so full and would have made a seriously GREAT HGTV show. We looked at 16 homes, plus two extra looks at the one we ended up buying. I'm so appreciative of my husband's cousins and my mom/aunt/sister who took turns watching G, so that she wasn't in our way. We also got a nice dinner out on Sunday night, after the whirlwind was over. All of our flights were smooth--primarily because we flow Southwest and there were a few extra seats. We plopped G down in a seat and crossed our fingers that no one would ask if she was a lap child or not...and thankfully they did not. Having all three seats in the row to ourselves made flying with her so much better. I also packed a few 'new' toys and quiet toys (books, colors, snacks, etc). My husband had his work iPad so that we had back-up kid's shows if we needed a last resort. We didn't even need it on the first flight, but we did use it on the return flight for about 45 minutes (though some of that was to give us a break from trying to wrangle her in). The flights were non-stop, which I think is the only way to travel with kids, and lasted about 3.5 hours.

She slept great while in the Midwest, mostly because she was so worn out from traveling and being spoiled rotten. My mom, aunt, and sister took her to the mall (where she got a Build a Bear), fed her junk food, and got her a new Caillou piano book and M&D color organizing caterpillar. She behaved great for everyone else, and really only screamed when she was in the car with us (because she was overtired one day).

We have our home inspection on Thursday, our realtor will be there for it and send us the results. Then there's the appraisal and other miscellaneous t's to cross and i's to dot before our October 19 closing date. The hope is for us all to move in that weekend and be all settled in before Thanksgiving/our anniversary. That's a lofty goal though, especially since I'm quickly approaching the third trimester and my husband might have to stay behind here for a little bit.

Speaking of baby boy, he seems to be doing well. I have a regular appointment next Monday. (Man, I cannot wait to be back at my old midwife in Kansas.)

I'll keep you updated with the moving/house buying process as we move along!!


  1. It's beautiful. Congrats! Hope all the details work out without any hassles. :-)

  2. I resent the accusation that we fed her junk food :(.

  3. So, so, so excited for you! Home ownership is a dream of mine and I love hearing about young couples buying their first home. Can't wait to see what you do with the place! (I also love the room to grow aspect!)

  4. I love the house! I'm so excited for you guys! And I love the "buy 2 seats, get 3rd seat free" strategy you did lol we've done that before :)

  5. Congratulations! I think you may have bought my dream house - minus location. I have always wanted, and will hopefully someday get, a 2 story 4 bedroom house. I think I would already have plans started too.

    I tagged you in my post this morning, hope you'll stop by and check it out! http://forgetfulmomma.com/2012/09/10/ive-been-tagged/


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