Monday, December 15, 2014

My abnormal hip.

The bad news is, I can never run again. So I mean.... I'm devastated, because I love running. But I'm thankful because I can still walk. I can still ride bikes, and I can still exercise within a moderate level. I'm by no means handicapped. Running is just too high impact for my hip.

diagnosed as congenital hip deformity. the ball-and-socket joint doesn't go out far enough to support my normal sized femur
Because, dun..dun...dun... my hip is not normal. It apparently didn't fully form when I was a baby/child and thus my joint doesn't have enough support and cartilage for cushioning high impact. I will likely end up with a hip replacement, and running would hasten that. So I guess I should say.... I can still run, but only if I want a new fake hip in my 30s.
I'll go with finding a new workout. I just hate it because running was my jam. It's so amazing for my mood and it's so easy! Just lace up your shoes and go.... now I have to put more thought into it. Ugh. Just UGH. I was also totally looking forward to running with my kids some day. My pity party could go on. But let's not.
As for where to go from here....supposedly more physical therapy to strengthen my hip, and massage techniques to easy some pain I'm having.
In other good news, my abs are almost closed (2 years later! and 6 months after starting PT). This has been a frigging journey and I'm so over. They are about 1 finger width apart, which is much better than the 3 they were in June.
Praise God I've never taken my body for granted and have lived the running life I've wanted over the past 12 years. I guess I'll be one of those one and done marathoners. At least I'm happy with my time too. No regrets about anything.

I'm in the mood for more positive vibes, so I'm going to go write J's 2 year post!

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