Monday, December 15, 2014

Recent life

Excuse me. I was doing awesome at blogging frequently and then went out of town and got out of the habit.

So I'm here to update you.

Thanksgiving was great! It was lovely to see family, have the kids see family, eat a mindful but still indulgent meal, and go on a weekend get away with the love of my life.

helping grammy make dressing

Our anniversary was wonderful, and I can't believe it's been 6 years (but on the other hand, how has it only been 6?).

We decorated for Christmas!

St Nicholas came!

The kids saw santa.

We made gingerbread houses as a family!

My birthday was nice. Hubby made me a pumpkin ice cream roll/cake, it was super delish!

Nothing too fancy, but the following weekend we partied it up at my husband company's district meeting and Christmas party. It's always like an extension of my birthday because it's around that time every year. They treat the wives nice for a day and I got a catered lunch and a painting party (the kind with food and drinks). Then he was recognized for 5 years with the company, we had dinner and (way too many) drinks. I did not feel good the next morning. I will just be honest. I rarely imbibe and there were many contributing factors to this particular evening. Anyways, just being honest. Life has dealt us a pile of poop lately, it seems, but everyone in this family is trying to be happy and positive for the amazing things we do have!
realizing now how unflattering the dress was. meh. $13 at kohls FTW
My wonderful mother in law came into town to watch the kids....they of course got sick while she was here! G threw up and spiked a fever, and by the end of the weekend J was not doing good either. They are both still under the weather...and this non-medicinally inclined family is giving J every 6 hour doses of fever relief because even with it he's hovering around 103. Sucks. Bad. Say a prayer for the birthday boy. thanks!
smiling & making cookies we were supposed to take to a kid's Christmas party before it all went south (viruses come on fast!)
Before J completely tanked, grandma took him on the santa train! G was supposed to go but was too ill to make the journey.

While she was here I also utilized a morning to go to the orthopedic doctor because of my on going ab and hip issues.

So onto that story. See next blog.

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