Monday, December 15, 2014

two miraculous years

J is two you guys.
The baby I worried would never be 'normal' is beyond thriving.
He is so spectacular.

I mean. His nose is a tiny bit different. His spine is definitely different. But he is a wonderful creation and so sweet, smart, silly, and boyish.

He is 25%; about 12kg; about 85 cm

In the past year, J....
learned to walk
learned to not throw his food or plate
learned to USE THE POTTY 100% (by 20 months!)
learned to say mama!!!!
started running
started jumping
goes down stairs alone, but does still like to be carried sometimes
stopped nursing (did I write about this? I got him down to 1 bed time feeding over the course of a month and a half and then after about 2 weeks he decided he was done! It was so weird because I was going to hang onto that last one for a while...)
stopped taking his iron supplement and started taking gummy vitamins
fell in love with chocolate and sugar and butter and all things comfort food
developed an affinity for sockets, plug ins, and switches
Walked down the aisle carrying a treasure chest :)
loves trying to be big, sometimes too much so (grabbing for knives or scissors!)
became an expert appliance helper (pushing buttons, flipping knobs, etc)
went on a boat for the first time, and helped "drive" it
started facing forward in his car seat
got a back pack and walked into MOPS on his own!
fell in love with playing baby dolls! (he's very nurturing)
made friends
learned to give real kisses, with the smacky noise too!
learned to say bye bye
spent several nights away from me, after having only 1 in his first year of life
started sleeping in a big boy bed, and has still not yet fully mastered it (unfortunately)
learned to throw a ball and sometimes catch
not cry when he's dropped off somewhere familiar or if I leave home
is still not that well behaved in church, but it's progressing
learned to color and can do a circle
knows J is for him, D is for dad, M is for mom, G is for his sister, P is for papaw, and sometimes he can pick out a few others
can say he is "two!"
has all his teeth except the back 4 molars
has had many hair cuts

says these words (though most are not full words, nor understood by anyone who doesn't know him)
Dadda, mama, na-na (G's name), assahn (attempt at his name--heard once! but he really never tries to say it), dog, ball, book, read, grapes, cheese, please, potty, no, yes, bright, dark, lights, fan, bath, towel, pants, shirt, undies, grammy, papaw, grandma, grandpa, versions of my sister and brother-in-laws names, fork, spoon, drink, milk, juice, orange, banana, ketchup, pickle, meat, chocolate, chip, truck, tractor, boat, up, down, me, more, show, Caillou, Daniel, Peg + Cat, Elmo, bubbles

So it seems like he is doing great for talking, but really those are words that I know he "tries" to say....but they really sound very similar, and you have to know within what context he is trying to say them. And the diversity in sounds has really just come on in the last two weeks. Speech therapy has picked up in intensity and has made a difference I think. His go to sounds are duh and uhh-uhh.

In many ways he's really independent, but in other ways he's still clingy and a mama's boy. I think he's a really good balance, and I also think he's super intelligent. I anticipate this year will be even better, though I doubt he can top the amount of huge milestones from this past one (I guess talking in sentences will be pretty huge though!). His speech teacher and other who interact with him on a learning level say he's pretty advanced in most areas, it's just he speech that has to catch up. We are SO SO proud of him. And so lucky. I am in awe of all the CDPX1 moms I know who have a much harder life and a much tougher outlook for their kiddos. God bless them all for the amazing women they are.

Every year around this time, I will forever reflect on how bad things could have gone, and how miraculously amazing they have turned out.... even if my body is still screwed up. I think that is just the maternal duty..... we literally give our bodies for our children, even if we better ourselves physically....we just can never go back to living only for ourselves.

Being a mother is amazing and terrible, scary and wonderful. You all know what I am talking about. I'd do anything for this kid, on a large scale; but at the same time, I turn on the tube just for a moment of peace some days! It is all about finding the balance I think.....and I'm so much more comfortable in that with J than I was with G. I like to think that G really benefited the best from us having J. I mean, sure she doesn't get us all to herself, but that's not really healthy. She gets a built in play mate, a built in support when her parents drive her nuts, and it made me a better mom to her. Things don't get me as riled up, I'm less up tight about schedules, and less anal.

 I feel truly blessed to have the kids that I do, and will never ever take them for granted. I know in a flash they will be 25 and out of the house and I'll miss them. So even when they make me so frustrated all I can do is scream....the moment is fleeting.

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  1. All moms are better with that second child. We finally realize that perfection is not achievable...theirs nor ours.. and we relax and begin to have some fun. Life with J will never be dull...he is a little spark plug for sure. G is going to have to keep her eye on him. :)


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