Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear G

I wanted to let you know some super things you've done lately.

You've started saying "bray!!" At meal times or at bed time...it's how you say pray and I'm so proud of you for knowing we need to do so. You used to put your hands together, but now you say the word too.

You sat on my lap for like 15 minutes last night and wanted me to tell you a story, so I made a totally random one up and you liked it. The sweetest part was when you wrapped your arms around my neck.

You point out momma's letter and like trying to use it in words it doesn't belong (when practicing "spelling"). I feel this means you like to include me :)

You give me and j tons of kisses and like to take care of him. This includes demanding he eat when you think it's time; "eat eat eat!"

Yesterday you colored on something you weren't supposed to (first time ever), and you got in trouble but helped clean it. I think you got the message.

You say many letters correctly when asked to identify them. You also do colors (old news) and shapes! You can't say most shapes yet (you'll try, but they don't come out right), but you can identify them--you even get trapezoid right in your puzzle!

You started putting your slippers on by yourself...often on the wrong feet though.

You're getting so big, I can't believe you'll be two in less than a month.



  1. She is so pretty, Kaylene (and it sounds like a smartie too!)

  2. So fun! Sounds like she is doing pretty awesome!


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