Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My sweet boy is one month old!

Today, mister JT (we don't call him by his initials, it's just privacy) is once month old. Which, consequently means I am one month post-op. Ugh. What a month it has been for this momma, I can't wait to be several months post-op and hopefully back to my pre-pregnancy self, working out, toned up, and agile as ever. But, I'm not wishing away this time with baby boy...although some sleep would be nice...and some fun times with sibling play would be nice. I know, I know... I'm gonna 'miss this.' Or I 'should.' But honestly, when I look back at G's 1 month and etc... I don't miss it. Yes, I'm glad we went through it all, and that we have those memories, but her age now is much more fun and is better suited to the kind of life I want to have...which is exploratory, learning, fun, experimenting, etc etc.... I love her age now. Maybe when she is 26 and recovering from surgery, and in horrible pain, and calling me on the verge of tears...sure, then I'll wish she was little. But the difference between JT being one month old and 23 months old, miniscule, and I can't wait for him to be a bit older. Call me crazy.
school time :-)

As a one month old, JT,

loves to eat. J eats probably 20 times a day. Ha. He eats about ever 1.5 (ish) hours during the day, and about 2-2.5 (ish) hours at night. Sometimes we get lucky and he'll go a 3 hour stint. We don't want, and logically can't, put him on a schedule. Due to his harder time breathing, he needs more calories than a regular ol' baby, and it'd be detrimental to his health if we restricted his feedings. I hope he will grow out of the high frequency of feedings eventually. He's always been great at breast feeding, and for that I'm very thankful.

wants to sleep, but sometimes has trouble due to gassy-ness or annoying breathing troubles with a clogged up nose. He can fall asleep without eating, so this is a major victory that I don't want to back track on. We all know the troubles we had with G and her association of nursing to sleep. If we can avoid that one with this kid, kudos to us/me. He usually sleeps in his Rock and Play, rarely in his crib, since being elevated helps him breath easier. He can sleep laying flat, though, so we have been trying to transition him to his crib a few times a day/night, because he will eventually out grow the RnP.

is super cute. I mean, come on. Even with his abnormally small nose, he's a handsome little man. I could eat him up with a spoon.

weighs over 10.5 pounds and must be 21 inches or so. I'll give you the official stats after his appointment on Friday.

likes music and singing. G helps me sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat to him, and I like to sing You are my Sunshine to him.

If his tummy isn't bugging him, and he's happy; he likes to look at his stuffed animals and picture book. Generally, though, if he's awake, he's sadly grumpy. We really treasure the times when he is awake and pleasant (unless it's the middle of the night, then we are grumpy!).

Though his sister rolled over at a month old, JT shows no real signs of being quite the go-getter that G was/is...though I believe his 'fighter' status is earned through the fact that he is quite miraculous with his breathing and weight gain that babies with his proposed condition struggle with. 

And to thank me for being an awesome mom, he and G took naps at the same time today so that I could write you this short little developmental blog.

Here was a picture of me and him (yes that is grammatically correct) at 2 weeks old when we went to jcp;


  1. I understand! I feel like Emily was just this blob that I had to feed and hold constantly... At 6 months she finally had some personality and started to be fun! It sounds horrible, but its the truth!

  2. So sweet! He is a precious little boy!

    We struggled with gassy issues with Alethea and besides the normal knees to the chest and stuff to "pump" her tummy, we found that bouncing on an exercise ball was magical for relieving her gas. We would do that a little bit before she went to sleep at bedtime or naps (as well as other times throughout the day) and we notice a ton of improvement. Hope you are able to get that under control for JT b/c gassy baby-ness is just no fun!


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