Thursday, January 10, 2013

One day at a time

Sorry it's been a while.

It's not even a "busy mom of two" excuse...it's a, there's so much to say, I don't know where to begin excuse.

So I'll just start with today.

Today is the first full day that I've been solo with the kids. The first three days of this week, my husband took half days to "ease" us all back into a routine after 3 weeks off, and two weeks at home helping (since we spent the first week in the hospital).

Staying home with two kids isn't so bad, until they both need you at the same time; or they are both crying at once, or one spits up all over you and pees everywhere and the older one drops your water cup while trying to be "helpful."

Thankfully those are only a handful of times a day. When J is asleep, it's pretty much like it was with me and G before he was born. Except I'm way more exhausted and can't move as agilely because I'm not fully healed.

The crappy part is that we are generally home bound for at least the rest of flu season. J can't afford to get sick, to keep us out of the hospital; and so G can't be around other kids or germy places either because germs spread quick among kids and often kids don't show symptoms of the illness until its too late to keep them away from others.
Long story short, no play dates, no target runs, no panera smoothie trips...no church as of yet either. It all kinda sucks, but to put it in perspective, I couldn't live with myself if J got sick and we spent a miserable week in the hospital due to me being selfish. (J getting sick means his already reduced air ways would fill with mucus and severely, if not fatally, lower his oxygen levels more than a typical kid, and therefore be a BFD)

We used to go-go-go, so G gets bored and whiney much more than before. Call it toddler stir crazy. I can generally cope because I know it's best, she just can't understand the reason we are boring now.

So we take one day at a time and rejoice that J is alive and home and relatively healthy. And that our PBS has an awesome 10 o clock hour.

His genetic appointment and hopefully the one where we get a definitive diagnosis (versus the proposed one), is on 1/24. Trying to be patient and not anxious.
I agree with the doctor's proposed diagnosis because everything I've read matches J...we'll discuss that more when it's verified. Suffice to say it's likely a super rare x linked genetic defect that has a huge range of severity and outlook. More wait and see...


  1. He's so cute! Really precious. I love the one of him in the Rock 'n' Play because it shows how truly tiny he is.

    Sorry you're home bound, that does stink! Maybe I need to get my butt in gear and get an email to you to give you something to do while you're in the house (as if you have nothing to do until you get an email from me!)

  2. Your sweet boy is so cute! C-section recovery is no joke. I can't imagine how much more difficult it is on you after all you went through. After reading through your other posts, I love seeing how supportive your husband is. You are a blessed woman. My prayers are with you and your family as you adjust to your new life!


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