Saturday, October 19, 2013


Today my awesome husband and I ran our first half marathon. We've been training for 5 months & we rocked it today!
It was so perfect & awesome & I was really happy the whole time. I am just a runner. It's my thing.
If you don't love running and you sign up for and do a race.. Maybe you don't fully enjoy it... I did. 
My mom asked how it was & my first response was, "perfect."
I'm excited to do it again :) 

Our training paid off because we weren't dead at the end or walking funny ( well my husband claimed he was about to throw up because I pushed us for a fast last mile ) AND we beat our 2:10 goal! We finished in 2:07:20. That's a 9:44 minute mile pace, for 13.1 miles
I know that's far from "fast," but it was personally fantastic!

The couple that sweat together, stays together...which is what I've been saying since we got married ;)


  1. So fun! I totally agree with the sweating together = staying together! :-)

  2. Running isn't my thing but my husband and I cycle and paddle together. I love your idea of sweats together stays together. So true.


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