Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Goal achieved!

Today I stepped on the scale to have reached my goal number. No, a number doesn't define us, but let's be real ladies, it sure is nice to see the one we want. I never gave up chocolate and I had dessert a few times a week. I drank wine. I ate all the food groups. I ran, a good amount and I didn't eat many packaged foods and barely used processed items. I had a few days here or there on trips where I didn't even do that though.

I was smart about food choices & didn't let them consume my life. And that was my biggest goal; to feel good about what went into my body so that I could feel good about my body.

I still have tons of stretch marks, I still have a pudgy mommy tummy, I'm still a nursing mom. I am not super small, I am average...and that is perfectly perfect to me. I'm in pants I wore before the kids and I ran a half marathon in 2:07. I could not be more pleased with where I'm at, physically, as a mom (recovering c-section one at that). 

I hope this post motivates someone struggling with body acceptance to do something positive. Make a change for the better & love the skin you're in! I highly recommend starting with eating mostly clean, it'll prove to do wonders for you. :)

As for me, my new goal is  -7 pounds, which was what I typically hovered around before we got married. We are also toying with maybe training for a full marathon?!? If not, another half in the spring. I also really want to tone up my abs better. I will say though, if I maintain this weight thru winter I'll be fine!

Ps. The kids are great! G seems to want to give up her nap, which is not okay. J isn't sleeping well either. But they are both super fun. J is pointing and vocalizing now, also working on shape sorter. G is saying the funniest things and acting like she's 5.

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