Friday, November 22, 2013

Five years as ONE

2008; marry the man God created for me

2009; go to Vegas, spend the summer in two different locations but survive, try to train for a half marathon but get hurt, have fun in college but work & study a lot, buy some bikes for our anniversary, pass our big exams for our majors (praxis and FE), live the life!

2010; student teach, capstone project, graduation!; myrtle beach trip, move, new job, make a baby; settle in

2011; have a baby, all that brings, visit family; we've arrived!

2012; move twice, enjoy the best coast in so many ways, make a baby, buy a house, have a baby; survive

2013; manage a home and two babies, celebrate life, run a half marathon together, clean up our eating, lose weight; THRIVE

I have to say, every year brings new challenges but also new rewards. Our first five years have been incredibly full and I wouldn't change a thing. I married my better half and have been more full, more whole, more myself than I ever could have dreamed before meeting him.

I don't want to come off bragging; I'm simply so complete and I want that for OTHERS too. If I could figure out a way to help everyone with a marriage vocation achieve the peace that comes from a unified marriage, I would share it. Am I lucky, or something else? I think I'm probably like any other gal, but it's that husband of mine. I think he's the one that makes our marriage beyond the norm. He cares about me, cares about the marriage, cares about our success. He listens to me, he contributes in many ways, he knows how to handle my personality, and he is self-less. It encourages me to be the same. 

I married the right man for the job. He's the one that needs to teach other men how to fulfill the vocation of "husband." He can start with our son <3

 I know there are a ton of other great marriages out there & trust me, I AM so HAPPY for you all :):) I just am sharing about mine, on my personal blog, on our anniversary. Plus, I know there's a lot of bad marriages out there, and I want any one in one of those to know...marriage can and should be GOOD. Not always happy, but unified at least. If you are truly unified through GOD, you marriage will never fail. It is a Godly institution and with His help, all things are good.

Love you cjb
Happy anniversary!

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