Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hilarious quote from G, Christmas style

G asks to hear stories, all.of.the.time.

It started out sweet, and sometimes it still is...but it also gets a bit annoying trying to come up with a story on a moments notice.

So at nap time today I decided to tell her Jesus' birthday story and that's why we celebrate Christmas. Yes, I know it's early but it's already in stores and we've been looking thru the Christmas stuff any time we are at Target. And she's been saying she wants a doll house for Christmas for like 2 months.

So anyways, I think it went just like this;

"You know how we celebrate Christmas? Well that's Jesus' birthday. That's what Christmas is. Cool, huh?"
"Yeah! Then when it's my birthday, it's MY Christmas, right?"

I said "yeah, kind of...but not really...errrr"


She's too much.

Also today, we had been butting heads a lot. Mostly I blame it on my stress, but regardless, it's been tense around here. Well, when I went to nurse J before nap she asked to come in and watch me. Which is kind of weird, but also kind of sweet? She just wanted to sit next to us...not like stare at me all creepily. I told her she could as long as she was VERY quiet. 

Turns out she can be quiet for a very long time. I was really impressed & it was very sweet to have my two babies in the dim and quiet peacefulness of J's room. 

Then she about ruined the mood by throwing a fit when we went to her room to get her ready. Ugh! Luckily it's date night (first in a long time!)

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