Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shame on you Mercy Academy.

Have you guys seen the news coverage of the Louisville Catholic school ad that tells girls they don't have to be princesses? 

While I don't think girls are "princesses," I think this news is just CRAP. I get what they were trying to do, but it's terribly executed and bad press for Catholic schools. Though I know they say any press is good press...such is the time we live in.

I think the issue is this is a catholic school and God had no mention in the ad ("rooted in faith" was as close as they came), and it was a very "I" centered ad--like annoyingly so. How about God writing my story? Being a woman of God? Getting an education to help serve The Lord in whatever vocation he lays out for me? 

If this was a secular private school ad I would understand it a little more; but as a proud Catholic woman, I think it's a lame publicity stunt and have a terrible taste in my mouth after watching it.  How did the priest or bishop sign off on this? I don't think there should be any amount of debt that would warrant bypassing the fact that you are a CATHOLIC school in order to have such a ridiculous ad to attract students. I'm sorry, but I would never send my daughter to this school. 

This school could have used their platform to come across more Godly but they didn't. Sad day. And you guys, I wouldn't be surprised if the school nurse promoted abortion. Because with this ad? It basically screams, "you are in charge!! Who needs God's plan?"

Sure, they're "innocently" trying to convey they anti princess agenda, and I'm very much okay with that...but watch the ad and tell me you come away from it knowing this a catholic school. (The uniforms help to convey that message, I guess)

See the ad here;




  1. While I understand your position I think you have to look at the school's position as well. While it is a Catholic school, that is not the only thing it teaches. It is a school that welcomes ALL people and ALL religions. By limiting itself to just a school that teaches young women how to act in God's path for them limits the women it can reach. Not all of these young women are Catholic. There are some who are Muslim, Orthodox, and non practicing. You cannot just limit it to one religion. It was founded on the teachings of Catherine McAuley, a woman who helped all poor and uneducated women in Dublin. It has never been run by a priest or a bishop. There is no one within the Catholic Church signing off on their advertising or their curriculum. They are there to teach all young women. Faith is a part of daily life at this school. They participate in morning prayer, Religion based classes, as well as masses and other prayer services throughout the school year. But they never force religion on anyone. None of the schools in this area do. The teachings of Catherine McAuley are based on one of faith, yes, but also strength, understanding, and sympathy. And that is a great place to send your child.

    1. I respect others' positions, beliefs, and values, so long as they don't go against my moral standings. I have friends of all backgrounds and do not condemn anyone or judge people's after-life ticket, so to speak. It is not my place. That being said, if Mercy is represented in the news (NBC specifically) as a Catholic institution but do not truly act like I am...something is amiss, either your comment (Which I doubt, because you seem 'in the know') or the "catholic" representation in the news (which seems more likely, but perhaps the principal should have done something to correct it).

      Perhaps my issue should be more with schools calling themselves Catholic when they are only Catholic in name.

      Upon further reading, the first part of the mission statement of Mercy is; "The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy exists to serve young
      women by providing a quality Catholic education within a warm
      and caring faith community....." So I'm gonna go with it it is in fact supposed to be a Catholic school. And as such, should represent itself in a manner befitting one. Which would not be having such a ridiculously self centered advertisement.
      Also from the handbook, "Hopefully, each girl will obtain an awareness of the religious and ethical dimensions of life so that her talent and knowledge will be used with wisdom, compassion and integrity"
      I can definitely get behind that goal, but I take serious issue with the ad because it focuses so much on the singular "I" and that's misleading to the girls interested in the school. Maybe there's a great gal who is thinking of going to Mercy, and she's really compassionate and is trying to discern her life calling. Then she sees this ad and says, "well I guess I better start thinking I'm the one in control here, because at Mercy, God doesn't get much of a role."
      And that's a shame.

  2. I hadn't seen it (even though it is about 30 minutes from our house, lol). Unfortunate that so many schools of faith are seeming only of faith in their name. It ends up giving a false perception of what a true Catholic/Christian, etc truly values. If they aren't meaning to be Catholic, then why still carry that label??? And really, we are children of the King, therefore daughters of the King (our Heavenly Father) which makes us princesses in a sense anyway. :-)


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