Wednesday, April 11, 2012

THE Full House house

This past weekend I fulfilled a personal 'bucket list' item. I found the Full House house. Growing up, I was truly addicted to the show. Before TV on DVD was a 'thing,' my nana recorded all the episodes for me onto VHS. In preschool, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded, "Michelle" (not the Olsen twins, I wanted to literally be Michelle, ouce cream and all).

I recently learned that the Full House house was not actually part of the famous Painted Ladies from the intro credits, as I had assumed. It was a seemingly random house at 1709 Broderick Street. The occupants of the house have since changed its front door to--I can only assume--throw off the swarms of pop culture fanatics looking to find the Tanner family.

If you really think about it, though, the house doesn't match up to the inside set that was used for filming. I was also saddened to learn that the Tanners were actually "living" in a Hollywood studio...not my current location of the Bay Area. Wake Up to that San Francisco.
1709 Broderick Street ala Tanner Family years
me in front of 1709 Broderick Street, 4/9/12

you got it dude! (I guess the occupants feel the green ribbon will keep fans out?)

looking down the street to the famed house

ps. I really wonder how the house got chosen to represent the facade of the Tanner's house....if you know, please share!


  1. Oh, Sweetie, you spent umpteen hours watching the tapes of that show at our house....you WAS Michele!!!

  2. This is such a good write up. I too was addicted to "Full House", and still catch myself watching re-runs and reciting lines. Pathetic or just a true fan? Ha! Thanks for sharing the pics! I always wondered where it was located and what it would look like today!

    Meagan Drone

  3. LOL that you wanted to be Michelle. So funny!

    Thanks for sharing! I always thought the inside of their house didn't match up to the outside. Like you, I do wonder how that particular house was chosen!

  4. I remember when I was 9 or 10 we went to San Francisco on a family trip. And I kept asking if we could go to the "Full House House" and my mom was so clueless as to what I was even talking about/where it was! I remember my friend went to SF a few years later and told me she saw it and I was super jealous!

    I always thought the house looked WAY bigger on the inside than it did on the outside. Now I know why :)

    I have read that about several movies/tv shows it looks like it takes place in NYC but it's really filmed in L.A. It's such a let-down when you find out!

  5. Maybe the Tanner family are decedents of the Time Lords. The Doctor does have a daughter, so maybe she had some kids of her own and so on and so forth. It only makes sense that their house would be bigger on the inside... just saying...

  6. Where is Uncle Jesse's attic apartment smushed in?! Also on my bucket list... That and the Family Matters house! :)


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