Wednesday, April 11, 2012

G's first trip to a Zoo

I love going to zoos, although I don't think I've ever been to more than one (the St. Louis zoo, which is awesome and FREE) until a few days ago.

We took G to the San Francisco Zoo and she loved it, as did we.

She is currently on a big dog kick (almost any animal is 'daw-daw' and she knows 'wooooof' and can spot a dog in any book we read). We don't have any pets, but she LOVES dogs and cats, so I knew she'd enjoy the zoo. We went on the Monday after Easter, and it was very un-busy, sunny, not to cool or hot--so basically it was the perfect time to go. I will get around to writing a review of the SF zoo one of these days.

Here are some photos of our great day.

waving to momma's favorite animal

strolling with a peacock, no big deal

chilling with dad and the penguins

what are those things?!

I'm such a big girl!

Let me at 'em!!!

I dressed her in leopard pants to blend in with the surroundings...can you see her? LOL

love them <3

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Wish we had a zoo near us.


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