Friday, April 06, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. So last Friday I mentioned how we had a leaky pipe somewhere in our house that was causing water under the floor in our bedroom. The plumber found a pipe that had a hole in the master bathroom shower/tub. It was kind of a freak accident, actually, because a screw from the faucet piece had "a lot of pressure" against it (duh? water forces it's way into it) and somehow flew out and punctured a pipe in the wall. This was all concealed by the wall, and had been going on for a little over a week. We noticed it because the laminate flooring started to bow and water would squish out of it when pushed on. A baseboard near my closet showed water damage last Wednesday which definitely signaled something was wrong.
Half of our bedroom floor had to be torn up and also part of the hall way. There were two holes cut into our bedroom walls and my closet was not useable. Our bathroom door also had to be taken off and a blower was put in the other bathroom too. The restoration company brought in five blowers and 1 huge dehumidifier. The loss of use of both bathrooms, noise, heat, and unsafe floor caused our landlord to, thankfully, put us up in a hotel last weekend. While I really appreciate that, it did lead to a certain amount of non-productivity on my part. It was nice to be forced to halt my projects/blog writing/cleaning and savor the time with my little family. I was stressed to the max though, especially when the insurance people told me the entire house's floor would need to be replaced. I was freaking out at that point. Luckily my landlord figured out they only said that for cosmetic reasons, and he was fine with just replacing the small area that needed it (even if the shades of laminate are slightly different). By the end of tonight almost everything should be back to normal. My closet will be repainted next week, so it's still not usable until then.

2. I'm so proud of G and her walking. She gotten much petty in the past week. She's able to stand up if she trips, squat down to pick something up, carry things around without losing her balance, turn right angles, walk in circles, go up small differences in elevation, and has started to get a little gait going on (so I know running isn't far behind). It's like watching a small miracle happen before my very eyes. This precious little girl came out of me unable to do much but wiggle, and now she is prancing around, exploring the world! She's a beautiful sight to see and I really enjoy her personality. She's so fun.

3. As I've mentioned we are spending Easter with my aunt down in the city. G is pretty lucky that the Easter bunny got a note from her momma as to where she will be located on Easter morning. ;-) I, for one, am really looking forward to some Reese's Easter candy!!! G's getting some Annie's Organic Bunny shaped treats and a new little baby doll, perfect for church. We'll be attending a Latin mass for Easter, so I hope she is on her best behavior!!

4. Good Friday is today...I don't think we'll make it to church for the second year in a row due to the baby. I used to cry at like every Good Friday service (my mom always had to correct me when I was younger...it's not a mass) because I felt like it was just so sad...and it is. Good Friday is the day for Catholics to reflect on our sins and how Jesus died to save our souls.

5. I've been catching several Giada at Home episodes lately and I am just racking up new things I want to make (if only the ingredients weren't so expensive!) At the top of the list are her Chocolate and Cheese Danish, Smoked Salmon, Arugula & Goat Cheese Tart, and White Bean/Chicken Chili.

6. This past weekend we went on a bike ride that took us to a shoreline on the CA Delta, it was really nice to get outside as a family. We ended up riding about 12 miles. G did great in her chariot and loved walking on the dock / seeing the water / exploring the little park / petting a dog that was on a walk too.

7. In case you were worried that I wouldn't finish G's Easter dress, I did! It was actually finished on Wednesday. I'm really proud of myself, even though it's not perfect. I will share some pictures and my thoughts on the experience of sewing a dress as my first major sewing project.

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