Thursday, April 12, 2012

{My 20th} Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
This time next week, we will be in Kansas City! It's just a short trip back required by my husband's job, but G and I are tagging along (at our cost) to visit some friends and spend extra time with daddy. He doesn't have anything to do on Friday, so we are hoping the weather allows us to go to some outdoor attractions we never saw when we lived there. We have direct flights both going and coming, but that doesn't make flying with a baby easy, so I'm crossing my fingers for the least amount of stress possible. I'm really excited to see loved ones we haven't seen in nearly 2 months, and the comfort of the midwest has been calling my name since we left. EXCITED!

--- 2 ---
Guess who's been sick this week? Yup, the poor baby girl. We had a short play date at a park last Friday, and the little boy we met there had a runny nose. Apparently it leached onto G and she's been fighting some kind of respiratory illness since Sunday. She spiked a fever Wednesday evening but it's been low enough not to warrant medicine or a call to the doctor. Hopefully she kicks it before the beautiful weekend we are supposed to have.
--- 3 ---
Did you see my awesomely fun posts from this week? I found the Full House house in San Francisco, we went to the SF zoo, and I revealed baby G's Easter dress that I made myself.

--- 4 ---
I've been making a lot of yummy Giada recipes lately and the most recent one was her White Bean & Chicken Chili. I'll post more about it my experience making it later, but for now I must suggest you make it for yourself because it's one of the yummiest things ever. The flavors are so deep and rich, I can't quite put my finger on it. My husband said it's like something you'd get in a fancy restaurant. Add it to your meal plan for next week, seriously.
--- 5 ---
So, I've sandwiched a tragedy among the happy things this week. A high school classmate of mine died early on Holy Saturday morning. He drowned in an overturned / submerged vehicle driven by a drunk friend. I think it's a miserable way to die...drowning in pitch black water. I knew him because we were in some of the same friend circles, but we were never "friends." I still got really sad while reading the story because it's something so preventable; don't drive drunk and don't ride in the car with someone who is driving drunk. I believe in God and I believe he has a plan for all of us...but when I read stories like this, I just can't help but wonder if God really planned for his death to be like this or if free will played a bigger part. Regardless, please pray for his family and the family of the driver--not to mention the family of another man that drowned in the back seat too.

--- 6 ---
Pre Easter Fun:
perhaps next year she'll understand egg hunting more :-)
Playing Easter Bunny; my aunt got that Dove chocolate bunny, my husband and I got the two bags of candy on the left, and baby G got some 'healthy' bunny treats and a baby doll
G's basket arrived in the mail on Good Friday--from my husband's parents (grandma & grandpa)
--- 7 ---
I feel like I've really been slacking when it comes to posting on my blog because I've been using nap time to clean. I don't have the motivation to work on it in the evenings anymore because that's become precious alone time with my husband. Sure, I love writing and I love sharing with my followers...and of course I love getting to do review/giveaways...but sometimes real life priorities win out because life is too short and my little family matters more. I hope you all understand :-)

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  1. I hope G feels better soon! I love the pictures from Easter - too cute! :)


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