Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Contra Loma Reservoir Regional Park #WW #linky

On Sunday, we headed out for a little walk in nature. There's a great hiking area near us called Black Diamond Mines Regional Park, but we opted for the less-intimidating-sounding-but-also-nearby park that features a trail around a public water supply reservoir. Contra means opposite and Loma means hill...so as you might imagine, there were some beautiful rolling hills around us.

very peaceful
A bit sunny heading this direction
view looking North from the top of the dam
looking down from the small, but bigger than you think, hill we hiked up
looking up the hill we hiked up
G enjoys being outside and also loved her new strawberry shirt

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  1. What a gorgeous area! Beautiful pictures

  2. These are some nice shots! Looks like it was a beautiful day =)

  3. What a gorgeous walk. Looks really warm too. :) Happy WW!


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