Thursday, May 10, 2012

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper Review

FuzziBunz was one of the first brands I read about when decided to cloth diaper. When starting our stash, I bought a few prefolds and covers, a few fitteds, a couple newborn size diapers, and two FuzziBunz. I bought one small and one medium, because as is common advice, I wanted to figure out what worked best for us before preferring one brand over another. My dear friend bought an entire stash of the FuzziBunz one size diapers and they've worked really well for her. I also really like FuzziBunz diapers because they are cute, easy to use, and moderately affordable. I have two of the new elite style diapers, 1 small perfect size and 2 medium perfect size. Check out my review of the perfect size below!

Perfect Size Diaper ($13.95 extra small - $16.95 large)
Material. Like most pocket diapers, FuzziBunz pocket diapers are made from a waterproof cover and a fleece type inner lining to wick moisture away from your baby. The insert that came with my review diaper was a microfiber insert. It's fine for short use or non-heavy-wetters, but I usually double stuff G's diaper to avoid any leaks.
The diaper's lining doesn't really stain when washed and dried properly (the sun is great for natural bleaching). Our older FuzziBunz have become a bit dingy, but they are diapers after all. The inserts have been known to get a stain or two, but like I mentioned above, some time in the sun solves that problem. FuzziBunz also offers 'minky' inserts. We have some of those inserts that came with the new Elite diapers I bought around Christmas. I prefer the minky inserts because they wash and dry better than the microfiber inserts. The minky ones have not stained and just feel nicer in general.

Closure. The snaps on the FuzziBunz Diapers are very durable. We've never had a snap issue in 14 months of using the brand. I like that there are two rows of snaps so that I can get the best possible fit on G. She may be petite, but she certainly has a little pot belly. And like her momma, her thighs are a bit on the chunky side, proportionally speaking. The elastic seems comfy enough and doesn't leave any red marks. I've only had blow outs if the diaper wasn't put on tight enough, usually a dad problem because he worries 'tight enough' is 'too tight.' I think you just have to figure out what works for the size and shape of your baby, and if there are no leaks nor complaints from him or her, stick with it. FuzziBunz perfect size diapers have three snaps on each side of the top and four snaps across each side of the bottom row.

Size. I love the idea of a one-size-fits all diaper, but when babies are smaller, perfect size diapers fit under clothes a lot better because they offer a trimmer fit without extra fabric. Perfect size diapers also cost less, though you may have to buy more of them to last from birth to potty training. Honestly, I don't see G outgrowing the medium size before she's potty trained. It is estimated to fit from 15 to 30 pounds. She's {hopefully} only a few months from potty training and still hovers around the 21 pound mark. She wore the small size at 3 weeks old, but I imagine it would have fit her at birth (she was 8 lb 11.7 oz)--I just never tried it. She out grew the small size around 10 months old, which I think is a bit older than normal.

Style & Use. FuzziBunz perfect size diapers are very easy to use. Like all pocket style diapers, you do have to do a small amount of prep-work before they are ready to use or wash. I love the large opening in the back--it's very easy to pull the insert out before throwing it in the dirty pail. It's also relatively easy to stuff the insert into the pocket before use. My only complaint is that my hand can 'catch' on the sticky feeling of the the laminate coating on the underside of the outer fabric.
If our birth-to-potty-training stash were made of only FuzziBunz perfect size diapers, I would estimate needing 30 size small diapers and 24 size medium diapers, doing laundry every 2 days. That's based specifically on what I've experienced with G. At the new, reduced prices, that's $834 without extra inserts or other accessories for a whole stash that would hopefully last through at least 2 kids. While that still saves you a lot of money over disposables...there are technically more economical ways to use cloth diapers. I do like the quality of the diapers, and the warranty that stands behind them. The colors are super cute (and they just released two new LE prints) and the styling allows for a trim fit under clothes. 

You can purchase FuzziBunz cloth diaper products from many local & online retailers. If you do decide to buy FuzziBunz for your own cloth diaper stash, please consider doing so through my affiliate link. Check out the FuzziBunz website so that you can read all about their other cloth diaper options, including many accessories for baby and mom. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for all the latest info!

I received a Fuzzi Bunz perfect size diaper from the company to facilitate this review.


  1. Fuzzibunz was also one of the first diapers I read about other than gDiapers. I decided not to go with them, but later on wanted to try them. I LOVE them, especially the new Elites because the elastic is on the inside! They are very trim looking on my little girl, I love the color choices, and easy to care for! In the end I opted for a cheaper diaper that makes up most of our stash, but I really do like Fuzzibunz and think they are a great diaper!

  2. I have recently heard about these and am hoping to try them.

  3. I am considering adding a couple fuzzibunz to my cloth diaper stash also! I like that they are more slim fitting.. I like cloth diapers, but my son doesn't like being too poofy in that area! These will be perfect!


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