Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pregnancy, 10 weeks down

We will see how long I keep with weekly pregnancy posts.... I don't know if I'll have new things to report each week, but this one should be pretty good since it's the first one.


So far this week, there hasn't been much reprieve to the queasiness. It's usually worse in the morning, and yes, eating something does help--but it doesn't disappear. It comes and goes at various times. Often, I do find myself snacking to keep the queasy feeling at bay, but then I feel really bad about myself because I'm eating way more calories than necessary.
I suppose I am just getting used to the tiredness, because it hasn't been as bad. I've not even taken a nap since Sunday.
I'm craving salt like a maniac--which I know means I need to drink more water.... I'm trying! The ever-present sweet tooth is actually under control with a once-a-day treat that's pretty much been my norm since my first pregnancy two years ago.
My face hasn't seemed as oily, but last time that didn't peak until the third trimester--I've also skated by with only a few blemishes.
All in all, I feel less pregnant than I am...which I suppose is nice. Although, sometimes I over-do it because I think I'm non-pregnant-Wonder Woman and then I feel like crap for half a day.


I think the baby is a girl. I just can't convince myself otherwise because all trends point to a baby sister for G. I really want a boy, as I did last time, but we LOVE having a girl and will LOVE having another one. The main reason for wanting a boy is for a change of pace. I don't want two girls close in age...they will drive me batty, not to mention compete with each other. I feel like having a girl and then a boy would be nice for both of them. G could be the bossy big sister I know she will be...and a second-born boy would either A)ignore her or B)put her {nicely} in her place. My husband, of course, just really wants to minimize the future boyfriend encounters / wedding costs. ;-)
I still think 12/18 will be the baby's birthday; so that means there are about 29 weeks left. WHAT??? Doesn't that sound like a small amount of time?? I know some of it will go by very slowly, but this pregnancy already seems to be flying by because there is G to take care of.


Now that everyone knows, I can freely admit that I am very excited to have another baby. I am a realist, though, and can remember every.single bad time that occurred when G was younger. Breastfeeding started as a nightmare, we got puked on more times than I could count, 8 pm sounded like a crazy late hour, I was emotional and hormones are crazy, I had painful physical issues to contend with for months, G turned into a crappy sleeper, I felt overwhelmed with parenting at times, our marriage took a bit of a back seat, I had an uphill battle getting back into shape...the list goes on.... But a lot of that we know how to handle now. Being a first time parent is really, REALLY, hard; but we have cliche-ly weathered that storm and have earned our stripes.
I love new baby snuggles and the lack of mobility that keeps their life pretty simple. I enjoy all of the firsts--like smiles, accidental waves, rolls, winks, etc... I promise to try just as hard to capture, record, and share all of the new baby's milestones because I don't want him or her to feel like #2. I know that will be hard, but as a daughter to two second-borns...I've heard plenty about feeling minimized. Though, I have to say my dad seems to have had a lot easier time because he was the first (and only) boy. See, another reason to hope for a boy. Long story short, while we didn't find out the baby's sex last time...I really want to this time. I really wanted to last time too, though, and my husband convinced me not to. I see both sides to knowing/not knowing, so I guess we'll just see the first week of August.


New Baby (no nickname has been created yet) is the size of a kumquat, which is barely bigger than a bouncy ball. He or she is now officially a fetus and has fingers/toes. Nails are forming and little hairs are starting to cover the still translucent skin. His or her spine has started to really develop and the head is huge in comparison to the rest of the body. New Baby is apparently kicking up a storm, but I don't feel anything yet.


She is fascinated with babies, and loves pointing them out. She takes great care of her dolls and gives them kisses and hugs. I've tried to tell her about the new baby, but I doubt she understands. As time moves forward, I'm not going to be able to pick her up all the time...so that will probably be the biggest change for her, and I anticipate it being ill-received. Being a pregnant mom to a 15 month old is tough, especially when I feel absolutely miserable, like I did yesterday. I pray for help and muster through.


  1. Hi! I'm curious what you mean by "all trends point to a baby sister for G." The reason I ask is because I am 23 weeks pregnant with #3 and we chose to not find out what we are having. We have 2 boys and I "feel" like this will be a 3rd boy, even though my fingers are crossed for a girl. :) Everyone who I know that is pregnant, if they have boys then they are having another boy. If they have girls then they are having another girl. Seems like the "trend" where I live.


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