Friday, June 01, 2012

Seven Quick Takes Friday 23

--- 1 ---
My husband gets back late tonight, er, very early Saturday morning from a short business trip. I've never been home alone with G. The other time he had a business trip, we went to my parents because it was a week long. Another trip, we went with him. So it was very weird to be without him, or anyone else, at night.

--- 2 ---
I joined a gym yesterday because my pregnancy weight gain is out of control already. With G, I worked out almost every day and still gained nearly 50 pounds. I lost it all, and then some, but have gained 7 pounds in the first 10.5 weeks. You really aren't supposed to gain any until the second trimester. I'm eating a bit more to combat nausea, but it's also the lack of working out that is killing me. Even 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical is enough to kick my metabolism up...plus it's just nice to feel better about myself for being more active. I had been jogging with G in the chariot, but it has gotten hotter and also harder on my joints...so the gym is just the ticket. I'm hoping to level out the weight gain and eat a bit better this summer.

--- 3 ---
My mom comes in about 4 days. I'm very, very excited to see her and for G to hang out with Grammy for 2 weeks. Mom hasn't seen her {in person} since February and so much has changed in G. Mom was also sick when we saw her, so the visit wasn't nearly as engaging as I imagine this one will be. My dad is coming a week later and we have fun sight-seeing plans. I'm kind of already dreading saying good-bye, but I need to kick that thought out of my head and just enjoy the time we do have together!

--- 4 ---
I posted about my pregnancy yesterday, I don't know if you saw it or not...but if you're interested, check it out. I also have a weaning update post that will go up soon, so be sure to check back for that if you are in or nearing the weaning stages. It's going really well for us, but I do feel bad about not letting her just wean naturally. I just can't be pregnant and nurse her forever. I know other moms can, and that's great, but I need to be me for a bit before starting to nurse a newborn again.

--- 5 ---
G's latest word is hat. She is picking up so much these days and when my Grandpa was here, they played with his hat quite a bit. My husband also wears a hat often and she enjoys playing with it. She now points out hats in magazines and books and tries to say, "hat." It often comes out "haah" but it's pretty good. She is great at pointing almost everything out in books, and if there is something new, she'll pick it up after one or two times of repeating it. Recently she learned 'lemon' and loves it when I point to the picture and say, "luh-luh-luh-lemon." Making up fun things like that help her remember pictures and words easier. I really look forward to some early home schooling as she gets older.

--- 6 ---
What's that? You missed the pregnancy announcement?? Yup. We are expecting a new baby around Christmas time!! You can read my post about it here: When God Knows Best {we're expecting}

--- 7 ---
I keep talking about how G will help us clean out the dishwasher, and I don't have a video yet, but here is a cute video of her helping us clean off the dinner table:

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  1. Congrats! How exciting for you! If you are having a Christmas baby, Advent is going to be so cool. You will be expecting right along with Mary. What a season of joyful anticipation.

  2. Congrats on the Christmas baby!

  3. Congratulations! When I saw your link on Jen's page, I was thinking "Is she pregnant????" Yay!

  4. I'll bet you'll get tons of people clicking over to find out if you're pregnant. :)


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