Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Father's Day & G's First FroYo #WW #Linky

I know I'm a bit late on Father's Day...still catching up... but I just had to share this photo of my amazing husband and our little girl on his day.

I can't even begin to describe how great of a father he is to G. He shows her fun little tricks and teaches her things I wouldn't have ever thought to do with her. He doesn't mind getting into the dirt with her and plans to teach her to fish. They laugh and play together whenever he has time. Until recently, he was the sole bath giver / bed time get-her-ready-er. He changes diapers, even smelly ones. He cleans up messes and sits with her on the potty for 20 minutes. He pushes her in her pink stroller. He reads her stories and snuggles her on the couch. He will get up to soothe her in the middle of the night if I ask. And one of the best things he does for her...he drops everything the second he gets home to pick her up, hug her, and make her feel important. He doesn't ask for a minute to breathe, or act flustered by his long 12 hour day. He's a great dad because he puts her needs before his--and that's kind of rare in this day and age. I love him immensely for it.

Happy Late Father's Day to my husband and my own dad (whom I was lucky enough to spend the day with this year, as my parents were in town!)

+ just another fun picture for Wordless Wednesday:
At a great little place called Menchie's (which is apparently a franchise)
G got her very own FroYo cup for the first time this Sunday! She had a little bit of Strawberry Banana (didn't love it) and then Tropical something-or-another Sorbet. She got a few raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, and blueberries. It was a super fun outing--much needed after a long week--for us all (especially the pregnant lady who loves peanut butter and chocolate, as you can tell, since mine was already 1/3 eaten before I thought to take a picture)

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  1. So wonderful to hear about how what a great father she has. My honey is the same way. I think the men on this planet are becoming better fathers. I've heard that from a midwife who has led a birthing circle for over 30 years. She said that when she started out men wouldn't show up to the circles and now they are vital and equal part of the group. So good to know!

  2. Such a sweet photo! And your husband does sound amazing! You and your daughter are both very lucky :)


  3. Fathers are special!


  4. Never too late to appreciate!
    Happy W/W!
    Cookin' for my Captain


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